Footage Shown at Trump’s Impeachment Trial Show’s Senator Mitt Romney Dangerously Close To The Mob

Security Camera Reveal That Senator Was Steps Away From Danger

On Wednesday evening, Utah Senator Mitt Romney told journalists that when House impeachment managers showed unreleased security camera video of the U.S. Capitol riot during the February 10th trial proceedings. The Utah Senator discovered how close he had been to the hostile mob during its showing in former President Donald Trump’s Impeachment trial.

In the video, Romney runs into Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman, who signals the Senator to turn around, as he was heading directly into the riot. Goodman has been called a hero. After the riot, news footage broadcast showed Officer Goodman redirecting the mob away from the Senate chambers and into a different area of the Capital. Senator Romney told reporters he did not know that the same officer had helped him that day.

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