August 30, 2023

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The Two Verbs project is a dynamic content site that strives to offer uplifting thematic news and content of interest to a media-savvy user. We strive to find and offer informative content that is unique and useful. We welcome your interest in writing for us at TwoVerbs Project. Write For Us – We are always looking for quality writers like yourself who care about what they post. You are a valued contributor.

The Focus and Mission of

TwoVerbs concentrates its focus on the following areas:

Articles and News About Health and Health Issues

Latest news and features on health and wellness. This includes topical information on the Covid-19 pandemic and recovery. We have particular interest in Covid survivors dealing with Long-Haul symptoms and challenges

Top News and News Headlines

Headlines and news updates from all over the world. We like to offer dynamic headlines from various news sources and is continuously updated with new content.

Living and Lifestyle

Articles of living, culture, and religion. We look for particular stories of interest from the Great Lakes region, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. From time to time, we include unique content from Ontario, Canada.

History and Historical Events

Articles and features diving into the past. We pay particular attention to the early to mid-1800s went the initial European settlers entered the Great Lakes region.


Business and economic news of the day particularly concerned the Midwest region.

Sports and Outdoors

Top News and articles on North American sports and events.

Guest Posting Guidelines

If you want to spam the web with backlinks or can’t write English to a great level, we are not the place for you. Before you submit, However, before submitting an article for consideration, please note the following style requirements.

Guest Posts Must Be

  • Excellently written in English.
  • Minimum of 800 words long.
  • No plagiarism (we use commercial software to check this constantly)
  • Maximum two links to external websites

We Do Not Publish Articles That Contain Text About or Links to, the Following Topics

  • Adult material, including dating sites
  • Alcohol, tobacco, vaping
  • CBD, medicines, or drugs
  • Gambling (online slots, cards etc.)
  • Pirated software, books, music, etc
  • Anything violent
  • Anything sexist or racist
  • No affiliate links

Controversial Topics and Content

However, we don’t wholly avoid controversial topics. TwoVerbs does accept content in the following areas:

  • Marijuana Topics (Law, norms and Issues in those states or cities where Marijuana is legal)
  • Sports betting (online, club, or informal)
  • Casino (article must be about the tourist attraction of the casino)

Style Guilde

  • Your articles will be reviewed and likely edited before publication.
  • No spun content or spammy links
  • No linking to non-English sites.
  • Article titles should be capitalized correctly in Title Case.
  • All sub-headings should only be capitalized sentence cases, so the first word has a capital only
  • All post must have a Rank Math score of 75+
  • All submitted articles become the property of iGuestPost

Write For Us – How To Register & Submit A Guest Post

Write For Us

Those that sign. up will be given the role of contributor. After successfully publishing five posts, you will be promoted to Author. Note: Please follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter before applying for an account. Sign up or log in to your contributor account here.