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Pandemic Video Games Help To Make The Isolation Bearable

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, the need for entertainment hasn’t gone away. On the contrary, the need for entertainment is higher than ever. People are trying to play video games with friends and family online. They are also those who want a means to escape reality. To leave their residence and dive into a fictitious world.

At the same time, they are trying to stay home and stay safe. Why not play some games to pass the time and enjoy alone or with friends and family. Many people are unaware of how gaming has changed in the last year and how the pandemic has been a significant factor. This article is mostly a means of informing about the current state of gaming and the industry. 

Economics of the Gaming Industry

The video game industry is doing rather fine since the pandemic stuck in the United States. Video games have been seen as recession-proof, and that hasn’t changed. Across all consoles, including smartphones, video games are being played by the young and old and everyone in between. From hardcore gamers to the most casual players. From fast-paced first-person shooters to the most relaxed and most straightforward of games. 

There is a game out there for everyone, even if you’ve never played video games before. Not all games need a controller. You may only need to keep an open mind and willing to try something new. Video games are not just for kids anymore. If you are a more seasoned gamer, you’ll already know a bit of what has been going on recently with the gaming industry. As to where the gaming industry will end up is uncertain. Yet where it’s currently at is quite clear. 

Types of Gaming Consoles

Video Game Console
Video Game Console

Consoles like PS4/5, Xbox One/X, and the Nintendo Switch are a few of the more modern video game consoles. Blockbuster games usually try to have a wide range. Fitting their games to as many video game systems, and even into PC and mobile, as they possibly can. The gaming industry is moving more towards cross-platform for online gaming. Meaning you don’t need the same console to play an online game with a friend. 

Games like “Fortnite” can launch a single match on one big map with a hundred gamers playing on whatever system they have the game on. They destroy all other players to be the last man standing. This mode is called Battle Royal and is a prevalent mode put in most big online shooters these days. “Fortnite” is one of many free games that you can play and play with others regardless of your gaming system. This includes all the gaming consoles, as mentioned earlier, with PC and mobile as well. 

One thing that’s changed in the gaming industry is that some of the biggest games out right now, like “Fortnite,” are free. Other gaming companies like Activision made games like “Call of Duty: Warzone,” a similar, more mature version of “Fortnite”s Battle Royal. They are followed by using free-to-play and cross-platform online matchmaking. However, many gamers speculate that cross-platform gaming is causing an issue. Mostly by the PC gamers.

PC gaming is objectively the best way to play most games as long as you have a good enough PC to handle modern games. With this switch to being online with cross-platform games, more players are opting for the PC for their leg on the competition. This allows players to play faster both with the internet and a better, more advanced computer system. It’s also sparking controversy as some games can be “hacked,” modded, or exploited in some way to cheat as a means to win.

Games like “Fortnite” and “Call of Duty” have a pretty bad rep for having so many cheaters getting away with their unfair and broken abilities. With that being said, cross-platform online gaming is here to stay and will continue to upgrade and get better, hopefully, with less or no cheaters.   

The Impact of Mobile Gaming

Mobile Video Game
Mobile Video Game

Mobile games have been a significant influence on the entire gaming industry for the last six years. Most popular mobile games are free. You’ll play with some restrictions that you can unlock by buying in-game currency using microtransactions. An in-game store where you can spend anywhere from 1$ to over $100 for an in-game item, modes, or coins can be used for other in-game aesthetics of things.

The extreme popularity and money gain mobile games ended up getting led to implementing microtransactions to console gaming. With the Pandemic, buying online has been higher than ever. This includes purchasing whole games digitally and microtransactions for games that have them.

Family and Team Games

Kids With Video Games
Family and Kids Enjoy Interactive Video Games

Zooming and party games have been a new development. Video chatting has been a big thing since the pandemic. It’s a means to see and talk to your close ones. It’s also a great way to play party games from Jackbox Games, “Among us”, and other online multiplayer games for pc. Games like “Quiplash” by Jackbox help get the whole family involved in playing (however, it’s rated for teens and up).

Many family-friendly party games perfectly pair with video chatting. Games like the popular board game like “Pictionary” are out there. Even game shows like “Family Feud” have video game versions to play together. Find a game you can play with your whole family via Zoom or other video chatting applications. 

The Future of Video Gaming Post-Pandemic

As for the future of gaming who really knows but what I’ve been seeing for the future is more people being connected than ever, More immersive, more grand scheme games, 200+ online multiplayer matches. running smoother and faster while giving the appearance of almost photorealism. Have it on a tv, or projector, and even virtual reality headset. VR will become more mainstream. Perhaps full-body virtual reality? Near Real-life-looking sports games. Epic, massive, and detailed maps that are endless. The possibilities are endless. As technology gets better so does the ability to give a high level of immersive interactive entertainment.

The pandemic has changed a lot with the state of gaming and with the industry as a whole. There are more people playing games and playing together online more than ever before. Gaming has been changing and will continue to change with the times. Right now, because of the Pandemic, the need for entertainment is at a high. People are quarantined in their homes and need some escape. The gaming industry is doing exceptionally well. The want for fun will always be there, even in the hardest of times. Entertainment will not die, and this medium of entertainment has proved time and time again that it’s recession-proof. Keep playing, gamers!

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