6 Amazing Benefits of Dental Implants for Older People

Dental Implants

Teeth loss can be a nuisance, but it is, unfortunately something that is quite common among the elderly. Apart from making simple day-to-day activities like eating and speaking challenging, missing teeth can significantly affect self-confidence and quality of life. Thankfully, there are several teeth replacement solutions readily available, of which dental implants for older people are the best.

Keep reading to learn why dental implants are the ideal teeth replacement option for seniors.

Older person with a bright smile thanks to dental implants

1. Better Eating

Dental implants are designed to mimic the structure of your natural teeth. They are fixed into your jawbone with the help of a titanium post which keeps them in place and provides stability. This stability gives a bite force that is similar to that of natural teeth, thus, making it possible for wearers to eat many of the foods that they enjoy. This is compared to dentures (another common teeth replacement solution) which cannot restore as much bite force.

2. Improved Appearance

Jawbone loss is an inevitable side effect of missing teeth. When you don’t have teeth to stimulate your jawbone, it begins to lose bone mass and shrink. This shrinkage then proceeds to alter the structure and shape of your face (hollow/sunken cheeks and lips). Dental implants can help prevent this problem. The titanium posts embedded in the jaw can serve as a substitute for tooth roots and provide much-needed stimulation to prevent loss of bone mass.

Also, like natural teeth, implants come in different shapes, colours, shades and sizes, so you won’t have to worry about your implant not matching the natural colour and size of your teeth. To find a dentist that can do this procedure to a high level of quality, search on Google for something like “dentist in Sutton” and ensure to do thorough research.

3. Support Adjacent Teeth

When you lose a tooth, the adjacent teeth can start to shift and move into the space left by the missing teeth. This can cause the rest of your teeth to look misaligned and crooked. In addition to replacing a missing tooth, a dental implant also does the job of supporting adjacent teeth, thus helping you maintain an even and straight smile.

4. Easier to Care for Than Dentures

Dentures are one of the most common teeth replacement solutions for seniors. However, they need to be removed before you can clean them. They also stain easily, and the risk of them slipping out of your hands during cleaning is quite high. Dental implants are easier to care for in that they are fixed permanently in place, so you can clean them as you would natural teeth. There is also no risk of them falling out or breaking.

Because dental implants are artificial, you don’t run the risk of developing cavities or tooth decay. This, however, doesn’t remove the need for brushing and flossing, as bacteria can still build up and cause infections. You will need to brush and floss your dental implants twice a day. Using antibacterial mouthwash is also recommended.

5. Dental Implants Help You Speak More Smoothly

Missing teeth can impact your speech and the way you pronounce certain words. In some cases, teeth replacement solutions like dentures also get in the way of your speech. This isn’t something you have to worry about with implants. Because dental implants are designed to function and feel like real teeth, you get to speak more smoothly and naturally with them.

6. A Long-Lasting Solution

Compared to other teeth replacement solutions, which require regular repairs and replacement, dental implants are more durable and permanent. Dental implants don’t wear easily, and it will be a long time before you require any repairs.

Final Thoughts About Dental Implants for Older People

Even with the best dental hygiene routine and oral care efforts, tooth loss is an issue that unfortunately comes with age. However, with teeth replacement solutions like dental implants, it is highly possible for older people to still enjoy a good quality of life after teeth loss.

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