Unlocking the Potential of Philips Zoom Whitening Lamps

Philips Zoom Whitening Lamps

Teeth whitening – a frequent request of clients of dental clinics. The procedure is carried out with Philips Zoom whitening lamps. This device is expensive, as are the consumables for it. The most expensive component is the chip. Each new whitening requires a new adapter. To avoid expensive and frequent purchases, as well as reduce the cost of the procedure, you can buy Bleach-Infiniter chip. 

How Philips Zoom works

Philips Zoom LED lamps shine a beam of light onto the whitening gel, which activates it. The chip is responsible for activating the light flux. The resource of the original microcircuit is designed to perform four 15-minute sessions. This time is sufficient for photo bleaching to one person.

Permanent use of a whitening lamp effective for several reasons:

  • you can lighten tooth enamel by 8 shades in 1 cycle;
  • the risk of damage to the enamel is minimal;
  • the possibility of gum burns is excluded;
  • tooth sensitivity decreases;
  • enamel whitening is painless;
  • cold light lamps are used to eliminate temperature fluctuations and ensure safety.

A good whitening effect remains for 5 years if a person correctly maintains oral health and follows the recommendations of a dentist. Contraindications to the procedure include only oncology, high tooth sensitivity and diseases of the oral cavity.

What is the feature of the Bleach-Infiniter chip

Bleach-Infiniter – it is a chip for infinite whitening. It displays 4 teeth whitening cycles available. The device is installed on an external adapter. It is designed to replace the original Philips Zoom whitening machine chip.

The chip parameters are identical with the original Zoom chip and operation technology. the chip is compatible with Philips lamps of several generations:

  • Zoom 3;
  • Zoom 4;
  • Zoom Whiterspeed;
  • Zoom Discus.

If a Whitening lamp is equipped with this device, it becomes unlimited without requiring reconfiguration of the electronics.

Benefits of Bleach-Infiniter Chips

Installing the Bleach-Infiniter chip allows crack the limit of the bleaching lamp
(crack the limit of the bleaching lamp) and it can shine indefinitely. Other advantages of the device:

  • the possibility of using gels that were not used after previous procedures;
  • compatibility with consumables from other manufacturers;
  • productivity, designed for continuous operation 7 days a week in 24-hour mode.

The quality of bleaching using a chip does not change. The introduction of a microcircuit affects only the number of possible cycles carried out by one nozzle. Bleach-Infinite removes the limitation of the bleaching lamp. You can buy a device once and never think about this consumable again.

Final Thoughts About Philips Zoom Whitening Lamps

Philips Zoom Whitening Lamps and the Bleach-Infiniter chip together create a transformative teeth whitening solution, offering durability, efficiency, and most importantly, stunning results. Light up your world with a radiant smile!

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