The 3 Best Eco-Friendly Cannabis Practices To Reduce Environmental Impact

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Are you using eco-friendly cannabis practices to save our environment? If not, there are a lot of simple steps you can make today in your routine to make a massive difference.

Legalization is Changing the Pot Landscape

The legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana has recently become a hot topic in the US, creating a boom in the industry. But it also revealed a significant sustainability problem that could lead to devastating consequences if not addressed. Since most organic growing methods promote healthier, more potent weed, doesn’t it make sense to use eco-friendly cannabis practices?

Read on to investigate the most significant habits to lower your cannabis carbon footprint. Check out affordable marijuana seeds with high THC levels and start growing happier buds today.

What is Eco-Friendly Marijuana Cultivation?

Eco-Friendly Cannabis Practices

For most fans of cannabis, this incredible plant stands as a symbol of peace, love, and even a greener future. Many forget that marijuana demands a large amount of water and light throughout its life. It turns out eco-weed is a bit more complicated than previously thought.

Did you know 324 pounds of carbon dioxide is made for every ounce of dried cannabis grown in some states? To put that into perspective, it’s equivalent to driving the average car 370 miles.

Stricter eco-friendly cannabis practices need to regulate the large and small scale production of marijuana for significant change.

That doesn’t mean an individual can’t make a difference. Weed is quickly becoming a single-use product, leading to obscene packaging that pollutes the environment. Home growers and recreational consumers can make a massive impact by simply choosing a plastic-free option.

Three Eco-Friendly Cannabis Practices

There are many different eco-friendly cannabis practices that you can incorporate into your private marijuana garden. 

Figuring out the healthiest route starts when you decide where to raise your weed seeds at home. While some of these cultivating techniques seem insignificant, remember that the smallest change can make the biggest difference. Below, you’ll find the three best ways to learn how to become a more eco-friendly cannabis user.

1. Outdoor Cultivation

One of the best ways to lower your carbon footprint while growing marijuana is to do it outside in your garden.

Cultivating outdoors removes the need for any energy-hungry devices, leaving your crops to get what they need from mother nature. The sun is the best source of light for your plants, making it one of the best eco-friendly cannabis practices to incorporate. The only issue is that your crops don’t get enough exposure. Remember to find a spot in your garden with zero shade for optimal results. Wind and rain are other elements many take for granted, providing nourishment and ventilation for free. It’s worth remembering that nature has a rough side, so bring in your plants during heavy storms for extra protection.

2. Indoor Cultivation

Cultivators forced to raise marijuana indoors due to poor conditions can implement a few eco-friendly cannabis practices.

One of the most significant changes is swapping from conventional high-intensity bulbs to LED lights. They consume far less electricity, don’t increase the temperature in your setup, and reduce water loss through evaporation. Another option to promote eco-weed is converting your power source to solar or wind energy. These options bring down your entire household’s carbon footprint and save you money over the long term.

3. Lower Chemical and Water Usage

Regardless of where you choose to grow marijuana crops, their need for water and nutrition remains.

A brilliant way to incorporate eco-friendly cannabis practices into your cultivation methods is by considering your water source

Aquifers are a fantastic place to get fresh water. This liquid generally comes at a neutral pH level and contains essential minerals for plants. Another brilliant option involves collecting rainwater and storing it for crops. Promote eco-weed by only choosing organic fertilizers and pesticides. These products don’t contain any toxic chemicals and offer better quality results.

Extra Tips for Going Green

Cultivators looking to adopt additional eco-friendly cannabis practices can utilize green techniques. To get the ball rolling, try implementing some of these changes into your garden:

  • Fabric pots: One of the best ways to make your marijuana garden green is by opting to raise your weed seeds in material containers. These pots lower your plastic use and let plants breathe better, and help regulate your soil’s temperature.
  • Plastic-free products: Learning how to become a more eco-friendly cannabis user starts with choosing a plastic-free product. Opt for brands that use paper or other recyclable material when packaging buds or growing supplies.
  • Companion plants: There are loads of beneficial herbs you can cultivate near your garden to repel insects naturally. Consider growing mint, basil, or thyme to promote eco-weed at home. Plus, these herbs are amazing fresh ingredients.

Growing a Greener Future

Like all the issues facing the environment these days, the best way to begin making a difference is in our personal lives. Cultivating marijuana at home is an exhilarating experience everyone should have the chance to experience. But that doesn’t mean you can forget the importance of using eco-friendly cannabis practices. Do you live in an area with a warm and sunny climate? Your best bet is to grow weed seeds outside, utilizing mother nature to raise potent buds.

If indoor cultivation is your only option, connect LED lights to a renewable energy source. In most cases, choosing to grow eco-weed is more affordable in the long run and sometimes requires more work. To reward your extra efforts, you’ll raise better-tasting buds that bring on stronger and clearer effects. Plus, you’ll lower your carbon footprint, ensuring generations can enjoy marijuana crops in the future.

Why not try these eco-friendly cannabis practices with your next order of weed seeds and start making a difference? For example, I heard that there are many options for weed delivery Edmonton, so you can easily get your favorite strains without leaving your home.

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