Why Motorcycle Riding Relieves Stress – Infographic

Motorcycle Harley Davidson

(NewsUSA) – Turns out motorcyclists may get more than a glorious sense of freedom from riding. Motorcycle riding relieves stress!

A pioneering new study conducted by researchers at UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior found that motorcycling can also provide a number of mental and physical benefits. Stress-related hormonal biomarkers decreased by 28 percent among participating riders, to name one thing. And motoring along on the open road for just 20 minutes increased their heart rates an average of 11 percent and their adrenaline levels by 27 percent – similar to light exercise, though a lot more fun – to name another.

Stress-Free Motorcycle Riding

Come to think of it, with stress levels on the rise – especially among young adults – anyone looking for that same “glorious sense of freedom” might want to check out the New Rider Course offered at select Harley-Davidson dealers.

Harley Davidson’s New Rider Class

Although designed for beginners, any rider will benefit from this course. Gain basic skills and knowledge to earn your endorsement/license. In-class and on-range sessions. Motorcycle provided; personal gear required.

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