34 Free Preschool Worksheets to Help Teach At Home

Pree Preschool Worksheets

A new website for educators and homeschoolers can assist with providing free preschool worksheets and other educational aids. The site, www.abbythepup.com, provides free, publicly available preschool worksheet aids for teachers and parents. All free worksheets are in PDF format. The content is provided under a Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication. This website is easy to use, safe, and commercial-free for teachers and parents to access quality content to educate their 3-4-year-old children.

Abbythepup.com was constructed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. With social distancing rules and schools and daycare closed, young children began to have their lessons remotely from home. It was a stressful time for children, parents, and teachers. Out of this crisis came the inspiration for abbythepup.com

Types of Preschool Worksheets and Aids Available

Currently, there are 34 sets of worksheet printouts freely available to download and print in your home classroom. All are in full color. However, there are no rubrics or teacher notes with any of the sets. A select sample of each type of worksheet is available in the links below. Please visit Abbythepup.com for the full collection.

Free Preschool Worksheets for Alphabet, Words and Letters

  • Alphabet Identification – Colorful alphabet letters and associated pictures for each letter. 34 pages
  • Alphabet Trace and Write – Color worksheets that a student can repetitively trace each letter. 26 pages
  • Match Letters – Worksheets to match capital letters with lowercase letters or sight pictures. 36 pages
  • Sight Words – Words and pictures that can be cut into flashcards. 22 pages
  • Word Recognition – Match word with a picture, circle word that matches the picture and missing beginning letter. 31 pages
  • Rhyming Words – Rhyming word cards, match the rhyming word, circle the rhyming word. 31 pages
  • Word Families – Simple words with the same letter combinations but different words. (e.g. pad and glad) 23 pages
  • Missing Letters – Fill in the missing letter of the word. With picture prompts. 21 pages

Free Preschool Worksheets for Counting and Numbers

  • Number Identification – Count the number of pictured objects. 11 pages
  • Number Trace and Write – Trace the shape of each number. 10 pages
  • Match Numbers – Count and match, match the same number, match number to name, match number cards. 30 pages
  • Counting – Six sets of counting worksheets. 31 pages
  • Addition – Six sets of picture and number counting and adding worksheets. 26 pages
  • Subtraction – Six sets of picture and number counting and subtraction worksheets. 26 pages
  • Comparing – Count and compare pictures with numbers. 26 pages
  • Ten Frame Cards – Frames and count cards to match. 21 pages
  • Patterns – Patterns with colors, shapes, and pictures. 25 pages

Free Preschool Worksheets For General Knowledge and Skills

  • Colors – Identify colors
  • Shapes – Trace and identify shapes
  • Color Cute Animals – Trace and color animal shapes
  • Tracing – Tracing lines and pictures. Dexterity skills.
  • Matching Cards – 12 sets of flashcards for letters, animals, numbers, shapes, etc.
  • Positions – 7 sets of worksheets. inside/outside, over/under, up/down, near/far, etc.
  • Sizes – 6 sets of worksheets. big/small, tall/short, long/small, etc
  • Dot to Dot – Follow the number sequence to create shapes and animals.

Free Classroom Resources

  • Customizable Awards – Award pages you and customizes and print
  • Calendar – cutouts to make a dynamic calendar
  • Name Cards – Print and make name tents for desks
  • Center Signs – Huge collection of classroom center signs
  • Nursery Rhymes – 23 pages of colorful nursery rhymes for display or handout
  • Preschool Assessment – Worksheet for parents and teachers to assess progress and opportunities.
  • Posters – 31 various classroom posters and aids
  • Reward Cards – 4 sets of punch out reward cards for students

Other Free Learning Resources

The Estimating Challenge

How big do you think something is. How much do you think a container will hold? This video offers a neat approach to doing estimates.

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