4 Relaxed Ways to Spend a Rainy Weekend

ways to spend a rainy weekend

Fall is a favorite season of many people due to the changing colors on the trees, the temperature cooling off and becoming more comfortable, and all the tasty foods and drinks that are so popular during this time. But fall can also have its negatives, such as rainy days that will leave you feeling trapped indoors. So, what are the best and most relaxing ways to spend a rainy weekend? Here are a few ideas you can try to ensure you don’t go stir-crazy.

Whip Up Some Comfort Food and Celebrate the Season

Just because you don’t feel like leaving the house on a rainy weekend doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to some fabulous food. Why not choose a few comfort recipes that you can whip up, making sure you’ve got plenty of leftovers to snack on? Cooking can be very relaxing and rewarding, and it can be enjoyed solo, with your partner, or with the whole family.

Some perfect fall-themed recipes to try include:

It’s Time for Some Binge Watching

Most people don’t have hours to spend in front of the TV, which is defined as binge-watching, but when it’s raining, cold and dreary outside, why not relax on the couch with some snacks and a hot drink and go ahead and binge-watch? 

Some of the most binge-able series you can add to your list include:

  • Seinfeld
  • Succession
  • Ozark
  • Ted Lasso
  • Bridgerton
  • Schitt’s Creek
  • Parks and Recreation

It just comes down to what you’re in the mood for – drama, comedy, thriller, sci-fi, or suspense.

Online Gaming Can Be a Great Way to Stay Entertained

If you haven’t yet tried online gaming, then it’s time to check it out. You can find just about any style of the game online, which means you’re bound to find something fun. If you enjoy traditional casino games, for instance, check out the best US real money online casinos. They are meant to feel just as exciting as the real thing but in the comfort of your own home. 

There are also plenty of video-game-style games, apps, and more. Whether you just want a quick casual game or something with an in-depth storyline, they are perfect for a rainy weekend.

It’s Time to Break Out the Board Games

If online gaming sounds a bit too high-tech for you, then why not break out of traditional board games and card games? As long as you’ve got someone else to play with, these can keep you entertained for hours. For those with kids, board games can be a great way to fill the time and keep them happy.

Top 10 All-Time Favorite Board Games

  • The Game of Life – The goal of this game is to travel through life making wise decisions so that you may retire first and with the greatest money.
  • Clue – Clue is a thrilling murder mystery game that transforms everyone into a detective.
  • Candy Land is a charming board game with landscapes such as a candy cane forest and gumdrop mountains, as well as colorful characters such as Mr. Mint and Princess Frostine.
  • Monopoly – The board game demands risk and chance as players purchase and exchange properties while avoiding being arrested.
  • Scrabble – To begin, each player is given a fixed number of wooden letter tiles, and each letter is allocated a distinct point value.
  • Battleship – In this two-player strategy game, players covertly place their ships on a lettered and numbered 10×10 grid before attempting to identify and destroy the fleet of their opponent.
  • Risk – A globe map is stretched out on the playing board in this game, and all continents are divided into territories. The aim is for one player to capture all 42 territories while eliminating the other players.
  • Stratego – A game of capturing the flag from the 18th century. In this two-player military movements game, players position all 40 of their game pieces in whatever sequence they like.
  • A military strategy board game called Axis & Allies. It’s fantastic fun for history aficionados because it’s based on World War II, but the path of history may be changed throughout playtime.
  • Connect Four – Take turns putting tokens into the game’s available spaces with another player. To win, link four of your colored tokens horizontally, vertically, or diagonally as rapidly as possible.

The fact is that most people lead pretty hectic lives nowadays, so rather than seeing a rainy weekend as a negative, you can look at it as a way to slow down and relax. It’s the excuse you need to sit back and enjoy your weekend errand-free.

Final Thoughts on Ways to Spend A Rainy Weekend

There are hundreds of things you can do on a rainy weekend, and more than half of them involve staying inside. If you’re looking to indulge your geekier side, you could play a few video games or try one of the board games listed above. If you want something that’s a bit more active, maybe spend your time playing one of the sports on the list above or even go for a run.

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