5 Reasons Why Android Is Perfect For Developing An Educational App

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Technology has revolutionized how entrepreneurs do business; as a result, mobile apps have become the most powerful marketing tool. By reaching people all over the world, apps can help your business grow at a rate that has never been seen before.  The eLearning concept has taken over the traditional learning system, and students can be seen widely using different education apps. That is why developing an educational app has become a trend. 

Google’s Android Has Emerged As a Market Leader

Almost every industry, from healthcare to eCommerce to retail, sees a big boost in sales when new inventions and technologies come out. The education sector is no different when we talk about various industry niches. 

Most business owners choose Android as the best platform for app development when they have to choose. The market share of Android is 70.96%, encouraging business owners to go with this platform. This platform is becoming increasingly popular because it is easy to use, customize, and so on. 

The blog has mentioned the top 5 reasons why you should go with the Android app development platform

5 Advantages of Android Application Development

Developing a sound use case is essential to developing an educational app. Next is the choice of a platform: Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android. There are benefits we found with developing in Android.

Attracts Multiple Users

You can attract a large audience by developing an educational app on the Android platform. It is the most popular platform, with more than 2.5 billion active users globally. 

People choose Android because it is an open-source platform, giving users the freedom to have a more personalized experience. Since Android has the highest market share, meaning, people are more inclined toward this platform. 

As a result, you can increase your brand visibility or reach your targeted audience efficiently. Creating the app with an interactive user interface, an easy signup process, notifications, and more is advisable. 

Effective Marketplace Of Google Play Store

With the Android platform, you don’t have to spend money repeatedly; instead, only make one-time payments. The platform also has an automatic update option that lets you maintain brand credibility. 

Android has an effective marketplace that lets app developers easily list their apps on Google Play Store. Your education app will get easily approved on the Play Store within a day or two days.

Futuristic Advancements

Android is the most suitable platform for futuristic advancements, as it widely accepts advanced technologies like 5G technology, AI and machine learning integration, and more. 

The advancement of 5G technology has great speed with excellent app performance. This technology can transfer data with 100 GBPS speed. The android platform now supports wearable devices, where users can track their daily physical activity, blood pressure, heart rate, and more. 

You can also ask the Android app development company to experiment with future-ready hands-on learning and technological advancements for successful business growth. 

Potential Of Revenue Generation With In-App Purchases

The Android platform has a software development kit that can be used to build engaging educational apps, leading to higher revenue generation. This platform ensures low investment, so entrepreneurs don’t have to spend much on app development. 

You must create an app that allows for in-app purchases for upgrades. This includes an interactive user interface and valuable feature integration for a smoother user experience. Another way of generating higher revenues is adding different monetization models, like in-app advertising or various subscription models. 

Android Offers Versatility and Scalability

Android platform has versatility and scalability options because of the presence of Android Studio. This operating system can work with new technologies like IoT, AR, and VR because of these two features. 

The versatility of the Android platform allows the development team to build dynamic, unique, and high-performing eLearning apps to deliver smooth UX. 

Final Thoughts On Developing An Educational App

If you want to upscale your business growth in this digitization era, you must develop a unique mobile app, and choosing the Android platform is the right decision. 

Avail of the Android app development services, where you will get help from experienced app professionals. This way, you can amplify your business and reach the targeted audience. 

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