Governor Whitmer Declares State of Emergency in Huron, Ionia, and Washtenaw Counties

Governor Gretchen Whitmer today amended a recent state of emergency declaration to include Huron and Ionia counties due to tornado damage and Washtenaw County due to widespread flooding. 

Governor Whitmer declared a state of emergency for Wayne County on June 26 after heavy rainfall caused severe flooding, damaging infrastructure and private property. Huron, Ionia, and Washtenaw counties were added to the emergency declaration following local damage assessments. 

“The residents of these three counties have suffered significant hardship due to the recent severe weather,” said Governor Whitmer. “Adding the counties to the declaration commits available state resources to help the communities as they rebuild and recover.”   

In Huron County, the National Weather Service confirmed that an EF-2 tornado tore a 7-mile path through Port Austin, Michigan. The EF-2, the tornado damaged or destroyed six houses, two garages. In addition, one barn was destroyed, along with substantial tree damage along its path.

State of Emergency Declared

By declaring a state of emergency, the state of Michigan will make available all state resources in cooperation with local response and recovery efforts in the disaster area as outlined in the Michigan Emergency Management Plan. 

The declaration authorizes the MSP/EMHSD to coordinate state efforts above and beyond what MSP/EMHSD has already done in conjunction with local agencies.  

All three added counties declared a local state of emergency, activating local emergency response and recovery plans. By requesting a governor’s declaration, these counties and their communities have determined local resources are insufficient to address the situation. State assistance is required to protect public health, safety, and property to lessen or avert the threat of an emergency. 

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