Top 7 of the Best Dried Hallucinogenic Mushrooms to Try In 2023

Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

Psilocybe cubensis is the most well-known species in the genus of small, dung-loving hallucinogenic mushrooms noted for producing psilocybin. They are frequently taken for recreational use, but sometimes people enjoy their benefits, such as relieving symptoms of depression or anxiety

It comes in various strains that differ in how well and quickly they grow, the environments they prefer, color, size, and form, and the quality and potency of the high they provide users. The variety of dried mushrooms available can be overwhelming, but with a guide like this, you can easily decide what to try.

With this top 7 list, you will find the best strains of P. cubensis available online. Read on to find out!

Penis Envy

This strain is best known for its distinct appearance and potency. It is frequently associated with Terrence McKenna, who found and collected the wild progenitor. While working with McKenna’s material, grower Stephen Pollock discovered the mutation that would lead to Penis Envy.

Penis Envy strain is difficult to grow, making it hard to get and pricey. Because this strain is so potent, users are willing to pay more. Apart from its potency, the Penis Envy trip is notable for its quick onset, wavy rather than geometric imagery, and lack of physical side effects. The experience appears to be “clean,” mental and emotional rather than physical.

Golden Teacher

These strains are commonly referred to as GT shrooms and are a well-known Psilocybe cubensis strain with psilocin and psilocybin as their primary active ingredients. Even though its precise origin is uncertain, it has been a popular choice for many users since it was first found in the 1980s. It is distinguished by its attractive appearance of a gold cap with yellow dots. The caps and stems are larger than other Psilocybe cubensis strains and have a distinctive reddish, almost cinnamon color.

Golden Teacher provides a slightly powerful psychedelic impact, making them a good option for anyone who wants to try psychedelics. Rather than just being used for tripping, this strain is renowned for its shamanic and spiritual benefits.

Users experience vivid colors, powerful feelings, visual distortions, and euphoria or lightness. Additionally, the spiritual effect is euphoric and has shamanic characteristics that can alter one’s perspective, which affects feelings and provides opportunities for reflection.

B+ Cubensis

B+ Cubensis are easy to grow and suitable for novice users and experts. Due to its tolerance for cooler temperatures and high yields, this species is one of the most often cultivated cubensis. Although they usually grow more slowly, they are prolific spore depositors and produce enormous fruiting bodies. They have a broad caramel to brown color, and their stems are thick and moderately curved. 

Users often experience intense emotions of connectivity, euphoria and warm, grounded energy. Additionally, users have nausea less frequently than that other strains.

Blue Meanies

This strain of P. cubensis has a similar name to Panneolus cyanscens. The difference between these two is that the former bruise blues quickly, while the latter is more potent.

Despite not being as strong as the Panneolus cyanscens, it is a powerful P. cubensis. Due to these mushrooms’ potent hallucinogenic effects, they are usually only taken in small doses. When the dose is beyond a particular point, it causes visual and auditory hallucinations. Users generally describe vivid geometric patterns and powerful hallucinations as part of their experience. 

According to some Blue Meanies mushroom reviews, this shroom is also regarded as one of the more pleasant varieties, despite its potent effects. Users frequently report feeling blissful and euphoric. They are not advised as a first-time experience if you have never taken psychedelic mushrooms. Beginners should experiment with a milder type first, like Golden Teachers, or use only small amounts.

Jack Frost

Despite being a new mushroom variety, Jack Frost has quickly established itself as a serious contender. They have a fluffy snow-like appearance when fully grown, hence the seasonal name. Jack Frost is a cross between the powerful P. cubensis True Albino Teachers (TAT) and Albino Penis Envy, causing intense visual hallucinations and heightened moods.

Z Strain

The emergence of the Z Strain mushroom needs to be better understood. Like many mushroom strains, this fungus’ precise genealogy and history are impossible to determine due to decades of underground cultivation. Z Strain spores have been traded over the internet for at least 20 years—possibly even longer.

For those who choose to ingest them in large quantities, the strain has the potential to be highly strong and have dramatic effects. It may cause intense emotions of pleasure, love, and transcendence, as well as enduring visions in relaxing environments. After taking psilocybin, some users report feeling more connected to their surroundings and activities.

Yeti Shrooms

The more well-known True Albino Teacher strain was established by a mycologist known online by the forum pseudonym Jik Fibs, and yeti mushrooms are a genetic isolation of that strain. They are a hardy variety ideal for novice growers looking to produce a variety with above-average potency.

Many psychonauts have observed that Yeti differs from other strains in its hallucinogenic effects. To begin with, most individuals find that Yeti creates a clear mind. That implies that your mind is clear and keen. The visual and aural hallucinations are far more potent. You’ll experience a wide variety of open-eyed and strong closed-eye visuals at greater doses.

Final Thoughts on Hallucinogenic Mushrooms and Therapy

The psilocybin content and dosage of these dried mushrooms will determine how intense a high you experience. However, with all hallucinogenic mushroom therapy, don’t attempt it by yourself. Get expert help. You can easily find them with a button at your preferred online dispensary. Get your hands on these strains and take a relaxing trip while chilling with friends over the weekend.

Disclaimer: TwoVerbs is not an authoritative source of medical advice. Seek out and consult with a medical professional if you have health concerns.

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