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How Many Newspapers are There in Michigan?

According to the news site, there are currently 318 newspapers being published in Michigan. Of those, only 19 are published daily. The largest newspaper in terms of circulation is the jointly run Detroit News and Detroit Free Press.

The smallest circulating newspaper is the Jonesville Independent. However, this newspaper is indicated as closed by Yelp. The smallest Division I newspaper in Michigan that we are aware of is the weekly Minden City Herald with a circulation of about1,200.

There is a total approximate newspaper circulation of over 5.5 million in Michigan

What are the Largest Circulating Newspapers in Michigan?

According to Agility PR Solutions the largest top ten news papers in terms of circulation are the following:

  1. The Detroit News
  2. The Detroit Free Press
  3. The Flint Journal
  4. Kalamazoo Gazette
  5. The Grand Rapids Press
  6. The Muskegon Chronicle
  7. The Lansing State Journal
  8. The Oakland Press
  9. The Macomb Daily
  10. The Record-Eagle
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