4 Popular TV Series That Are Hard to Follow

Popular TV Series

As time passes by, the entertainment industry releases diverse movies and TV series trying to match everyone’s preferences. Today, there are numerous movies and TV shows well suited for everyone. Many movies and TV shows develop a huge fan following and some even become classics. 

Filmmakers always try to come up with unique and diverse plots for their movies or TV shows to create something refreshing. However, to create fresh and engaging content, many movies end up with plot holes that go unnoticed by the filmmakers.

While movies are a once-off investment, TV series are different and require time and commitment from viewers. TV series run for a long time, spanning several years and many people follow them all the way. Nowadays, it has become easy for people to catch up on content as they can watch a month’s content in a few days by binge-watching on online platforms, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

However, many people choose to not opt for online platforms as those are paid subscriptions and not everyone can invest in them. Nonetheless, people still find a way to watch their favorite TV shows if they genuinely want to, like using their friend’s account or finding free websites online. 

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Even after you have finished watching your favorite TV shows, there will always be more coming to the online platform so, it’s never a wasted deal to spend money on them. 

As TV series form seasons over the years, filmmakers must maintain the stories and keep them as engaging as possible. While many TV shows are commended for their plot and story, many others lose their essence halfway through the show. 

While trying to be engaging, many series introduce new twists and turns, some being in every episode. Some TV series have so many jaw dropper moments that you might have to search the internet and turn your detective mode on to find out what’s going on in the show.

However, despite having complicated and complex storylines, many TV shows stay popular and become crowd favorites. Here are some of the most popular TV series that are hard to follow.

Pretty Little Liars

Being one of the most confusing TV series, Pretty Little Liars became quite popular and even earned multiple spin-offs. The premise of Pretty Little Liars was that an unknown character, A, was stalking and blackmailing four teenage girls. 

Additionally, A was also the first initial of their friend, Allison, who went missing a few years ago which created some mystery as to who this A might be. The show initially started as a typical mystery, however, many characters, plot lines, and story arcs were introduced throughout the seasons which left the viewers puzzled and confused.


The German thriller series has gained immense popularity and critical acclaim for its story and visual aspect. Dark revolves around an investigation of a missing child in a small town which shifts onto four families and their past secrets.

As the show stretched to 3 seasons, narratives about time travel and trauma from the families’ past made the show a bit complicated and left many questions unanswered.

Game of Thrones

If we’re talking about popular TV series, Game of Thrones wins that category by a landslide. It’s no doubt that Game of Thrones is one of the most watched series in television history. However, it also remains one of the most confusing shows with multiple narratives and plots.

The show follows numerous different characters and stories in just one season with some not even interacting with each other. Game of Thrones is overwhelmed with details and has introduced hundreds of characters which makes it hard to follow the numerous kingdoms fighting for the throne.  


The story follows several people who are trying to survive after their plane crashed on a mysterious island. However, there’s more to the story as the island reveals numerous supernatural happenings.

Throughout the seasons, Lost’s confusing plot introduces time travel and messes with the timeline several times which makes it hard for the viewers to keep track of the story. Despite that, Lost is one of the most popular shows and has received many awards for its story and characters.

Final Thought On Popular TV Series

While all these shows might have some complex narratives and it might be difficult to keep each detail in mind, they are still quite popular. Even though it’s confusing, these TV series have won people’s hearts and captured their attention.

If you enjoy mystery shows which can make you scratch your head, give one chance to the TV series on this list. You might even enjoy the confusing and complex plot lines that could make you come back for more.

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