Common Mistakes Beginners Make with Quad Biking and Tips for Riding Better

Beginner rider learning the basics of quad biking in a safe environment.

Driving a quad bike makes for a very thrilling and unique experience. It can be a great way to get into power sports and experience the thrill of blazing down a trail while feeling supported on four wheels. Learning to ride a quad bike is also very easy and straightforward. However, to ensure maximum safety, you would do well not to underestimate the power and response of a quad (especially if you are a beginner).

Below, we shall be taking a look at some of the common mistakes that beginners and some helpful Quad Bike safety and riding tips

Common Quad Biking Mistakes Beginners Make

Ignoring Safety Precautions 

Quad Biking London for the first time can be very thrilling and many new riders let themselves get caught up in the excitement, which can often lead to them ignoring the safety precautions that they have to take to prevent accidents and injuries.

Rolling Over

This has to be one of the most common ways a quad or ATV can crash. Rolling over usually happens as a result of riders hitting the gas of the quad without understanding its power or throttle (looping out). It can be quite dangerous, and severe injuries may also be sustained as a result. It is important that you are careful with your acceleration so you don’t end up being thrown over and crushed under the weight of your quad.

Driving up a steep slope or through thick mud is another way riders roll over, so caution needs to be exercised when tackling these conditions.

Not Watching the Feet

Many new ATV riders tend to let their feet hang on either side of the quad, and this can be a big mistake as one or both feet can get caught on either the back tyre or on the ground, leading to serious injury. Unfortunately, you won’t get much traction from the pegs on your quad, so installing heel guards or nerf bars (foot pegs) is the best way to ensure that your feet are stabilized and you have more control of the quad.

Going too Fast

Many new riders fall for the temptation of skipping the easy part of riding and jumping straight into high-speed racing. They also make the mistake of pushing too hard on the throttle, which can cause them to loop out and lose control of the quad.

When it comes to ATV riding, speed is something that comes with time. You will need to learn control and get used to the power and speed of your quad before even thinking about going fast or racing.

Going for Tricks

As cool as jumps and wheelies look, these tricks require a lot of practice time. As a beginner, you need to forgo fancy techniques and focus your attention on learning the basics of riding. Avoid testing your limits too soon, as it could land you underneath your quad bike.

Tips for Better Riding and Safety

  • Wear safety gear and obey safe riding rules. This means that you will need to wear appropriate clothing (protective long-sleeves), a full-faced helmet, goggles, gloves and sturdy off-road boots. Also, ensure to avoid distractions and never ride a quad while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other mind-altering substance.
  • Learn all the basics of riding a quad and get a lot of practice.
  • Watch your feet. You can prevent your feet from hanging to the side and getting caught on back tyres by installing nerf bars or heel guards on your quad.
  • Do not start with advanced tricks. Forget about wheelies and jumps for now, and just focus on getting better control of your quad.
  • Practice the clutch and shifting. This is the best way to learn how to change gears. Be sure to practice using the clutch and shifting of your quad before taking your riding to the next level.
  • Avoid locking your elbows when riding. It makes you have less control of the quad. Also, it can be very painful if you hit a bump or some other obstacle.
  • Learn throttle control. The thumb throttle that you press is actually the quad’s gas pedal. Pushing it in will cause your quad to move forward while releasing cuts off the fuel supply. When using the throttle for the first time, avoid jamming your thumb into the lever. Instead, press in slowly and build your control and comfort level before accelerating.
  • Practice the brakes. In order to go faster or slower with your quad, you will need to learn how to properly use the brakes, including incorporating them into cornering, traction control and stopping.

Final Thoughts About Quad Biking for Beginners

Quad Biking for Beginners

Without a doubt, quad biking can be a fun and exhilarating hobby, and an emerging sport, but you need to be responsible. This is especially important if you are a beginner. You need to avoid careless mistakes such as pushing forward before you are ready or ignoring Quad Biking safe riding rules.

To get the best out of your quad biking experience, be sure to avoid the above riding mistakes. Also, following the above riding tips and getting enough practice will have you hitting the trail in no time.

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