My 6 Year Old Tumblr Site Was Terminated Without Warning

Tumblr Account Terminated

My Tumblr site was terminated…

As a dedicated Tumblr user for six years, I was devastated to discover that my blog had been terminated without any explanation. All the time and effort I had put into creating and curating my blog– hundreds of posts I had carefully crafted and edited – were suddenly wiped out without warning or explanation. I felt like a part of me had been erased.

To make matters worse, the company was completely silent when I contacted Tumblr to ask what had happened. My email queries were ignored and ghosted, leaving me frustrated and helpless. It was as if my online presence had been erased without explanation, and there was no way to get it back.

All the Content Was Mine

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It’s worth noting that my Tumblr site was a more or less mirror site of a larger project that I had been working on for years. All of the work was my own, and no one else had access to it. So not only did I lose all of my content on Tumblr, but it also meant that a significant portion of my larger project was suddenly erased without any warning or explanation.

This further underscores the importance of backing up your content and being cautious about relying on any single social media platform to host your work. While Tumblr may seem like a convenient and easy way to share your content with the world, it’s ultimately up to the platform’s discretion whether or not to allow your content to remain online.

As creators, we put our heart and soul into our work, and it’s devastating to have it taken away without any explanation or recourse. That’s why it’s important to take proactive steps to protect our content, including backing it up and exploring alternative platforms that offer more transparency and user-friendly policies. Don’t let a single platform’s unpredictable and arbitrary practices put your hard work at risk.

IMHO: Tumblr Cannot Be Trusted – Not Suitable For Business

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My experience has taught me that Tumblr cannot be trusted with hosting any site of value. It appears that Tumblr cannot be trusted for running a business or where you host valued content. The platform’s policies and practices are opaque and unpredictable, leaving users vulnerable to arbitrary and capricious enforcement. It’s not just a matter of whether or not your content violates their community guidelines; it’s also about whether or not they like your content. As a result, users are often left in the dark about why their blogs were terminated or suspended.

One of the biggest issues with Tumblr is that it provides no clear guidelines or explanations for what content is allowed and what is not. Their community guidelines are vague and open to interpretation, making it difficult for users to know whether they comply. Furthermore, Tumblr has a track record of censoring and banning content they deem offensive or inappropriate without providing any explanation or recourse for users.

What Is Tumblr Used For?

Frustrated Tumblr User Who Just Had His Site Wiped Out
Frustrated Tumblr User Who Just Had His Site Wiped Out

Tumblr is a multifaceted online platform known for its wide range of uses. It serves as a hub for memes, GIFs, and humorous content, providing endless laughter for users. Additionally, Tumblr is a thriving artistic community where creators share their photography, illustrations, writing, and music. It also acts as a platform for individuals to explore and express their identities, fostering acceptance and belonging among like-minded communities. Furthermore, Tumblr serves as a virtual soapbox for various causes, allowing users to engage in discussions, share resources, and mobilize support.

While the platform’s open-mindedness is a strength, it has also faced challenges with content moderation. Nevertheless, Tumblr remains a captivating space where humor, art, activism, and self-expression thrive.

Back-Up Your Content

This is why it’s important for users to take steps to back up their content. While Tumblr does provide an export function, it’s not always reliable and doesn’t necessarily provide an easy way to import your content elsewhere. Users should consider using web archiving services, backup plugins, or simply copying and pasting their posts into a document to ensure that their content is safe and accessible, even if Tumblr decides to terminate their account.

Hundreds Of Bloggers, Years of Work Wiped Out

I’m not alone in my experience, either. A quick search on Reddit will show that hundreds of other Tumblr users have also had their accounts terminated without warning or explanation. Many have shared their stories on r/TumblrAcctTerminated, expressing their frustration and disappointment with Tumblr and vowing never to trust the platform again.

Who Has Owned Tumblr? – Story of A Company Who’s Value Has Fallen

Automattic Logo

Tumblr was acquired by Automattic. Automattic is the parent company of, and the acquisition took place in August 2019. The financial terms of the deal were not officially disclosed, but reports suggested that Automattic acquired Tumblr from Verizon Communications for a significantly lower amount compared to its previous acquisition price. In 2013, Yahoo Inc. acquired Tumblr for approximately $1.1 billion, but its value decreased over the years. The exact amount paid by Automattic has not been publicly confirmed.

Video: Tumblr Account Termination What you should Know

Final Thoughts About My Tumblr Site Was Terminated

In conclusion, my experience with Tumblr has disappointed and betrayed me. I urge other Tumblr users to take steps to back up their content and explore alternative platforms that offer better transparency, more user-friendly policies, and greater respect for user rights. Don’t let Tumblr’s arbitrary and unpredictable practices put your content at risk.

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