Much Anticipated RPG, Age of Empires IV Released in 2021

Age of Empires

When Age of Empires IV was initially announced, it was still in its very early development stages, as it says in the pre-alpha footage. In developing video games, there are different levels of completion. Alpha means when the game is beginning to take shape and become playable. Many changes still need to be made, but the game starts looking more like a game at this stage.

What Does To Mean To Be In “Beta”

Beta is when the game is basically done and tested to eliminate any “bugs” or “glitches.” Many video game developers release their games on a trial basis during the beta, so they get free playtests and iron out the game before the official release. Unfortunately, they might have been too eager to release anything on the game as it is ongoing.

AOE IV Testing and Continued Development

On the Age of Empires website, they talk about playtesting the game and further progress made on the game. Not much else is said, but rest assured that this game is still in development and is still being tinkered with as they get closer to a beta game. More information is on other games like the recently released Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition.

Other Age of Empires Games

With the game Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition coming October 15th, 2020, they still will be making updates for it and other games. They have also been making downloadable content for Age of Empires 1,2, & 3. They will continue making dlc for these games as they have been well received.

So, When Is the AOE IV Release Date?

So far there hasn’t been any official release date for Age of Empires 4; however, speculation says they might be making for a late 2021 to 2022 release. With everything going on with the pandemic and other games that they are working on, I have some speculations. My guess is an early to mid-2022 release, even though they would shoot for the December holiday season 2021.

More to come in 2021

This year I am sure to hear some more news on our favorite multi-era-themed RTS game franchise. As less attention is put on other games Age of Empire 4 will start to become a better priority and will become developed even more. Hopefully, we can see some actual Alpha gameplay footage this year, if not a full-blown beta that we can eventually get our hands on for PC. Although this game will eventually release for the Xbox One and Series X as well. 

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