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Articles and stories about the gaming industry and top e-games being played. Gaming is a big business in the United States. The American Gaming Association estimates that Americans spend $240 billion a year on gaming, and they’re spending more than ever: U.S. game sales are projected to increase from $23 billion in 2017 to $28 billion by 2020. That’s not counting the estimated $100 billion spent on mobile gaming, which is not included in either figure.

Pandemic Video Games Help To Make The Isolation Bearable

Video Games

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, the need for entertainment hasn’t gone away. On the contrary, the need for entertainment is higher than ever. People are trying to game with friends and family online. They are also those who want a means to escape reality. To leave their residence and dive into a fictitious world. At the same time, they are trying to stay home and stay safe. Why not play some games to pass the time and enjoy alone or with friends and family. Many people are unaware of how gaming has changed in the last year and how the pandemic has been a significant factor.