Top 10 Most Disturbing Movies Never To Let Kids See

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( Disclaimer! This article talks about the morbid, scary, and just plain most disturbing movies. Even traumatic for some people. Descriptive language is used. You have been warned. This is not for anyone under the age of 18 )

The fascination with the macabre has not been a new thing. People for centuries have been experimenting with the darkest material they can. Most of these movies go so far into the disturbing that I wouldn’t recommend seeing them, especially if you are faint at heart. While some movies have been incorporated into video games, I’ve not included them on this list. This list of the most disturbing horror movies I personally have seen. I’ve viewed them, so you don’t have to. Here we go, brace yourself. This is a count down to the most disturbing movies I’ve ever been exposed to

#10 The Fly

This 80s remake of the original movie adds more detail and better practical effects to really kick up the gross-out factor. People watching this in the theaters reportedly were fainting, throwing up, and leaving in disgust. I wouldn’t blame them, as watching this body horror nightmare beginning to end left you disgusted and disturbed.

#9 Eyes Without a Face

If you hate body horror, this will haunt you even though it’s one of the older movies on this list. A little girl with a face like a rotten corpse wants a face. Her father, trying to help his daughter, finds a pretty woman so that he can remove her face and attach it to his daughter. Yes, that concept alone is disturbing; shot in black and white, it is downright terrifying and wrong.

#8th In Most Disturbing Movies – Alien

Now the whole movie itself isn’t that disturbing, scarier than anything. But take it like this, you are 6 or 7 years old walking downstairs to talk to your parents. When you turn the corner, you see a man with something bulging out of his chest on TV. Blood starts filling the shirt until a terrifying alien pops out and shoots blood everywhere. Needless to say, I had nightmares for weeks and developed a phobia of parasites and other things living inside of me.

It might not be that disturbing than the other movies, but I felt the need to put this movie on here anyways.

#7 Pink Floyd’s The Wall

I love Pink Floyd, but I was exposed to one part of this movie very young. The scene in observation is with the song, “Comfortably Numb” at some point the main character becomes a worm man who rips out his own eyes violently while the guitar solo rages. That part seriously freaked me out as a child. The rest of this movie is no easy watch either. With scenes of war, violence, death, kids being put in a grinder, and amazing animations that capture the darkness of the subject matter. This movie is amazing yet still contains some of the most disturbing imagery I’ve ever seen.

The Wall ranks as seventh in our most disturbing movies of all time.

#6 Teeth

Another gross-out movie that labels men as evil sex addicts. The movie is about a woman’s private parts that have teeth that mutilate men. Whoever wrote this movie needs serious help and anyone that likes this movie or thinks it’s funny needs help too. Don’t watch this trash. Like the human centipede, it leaves you asking, who would make such a movie, and who in their right mind would watch it?

#5th In Most Disturbing Movies – Un Chien Andalou

A 1929 film made by Salvidor Dali is just as weird as you would think. Only it has one scene, particularly that was so real and revolting that many theaters refused to show it. Using practical effects, you see a man take a razor blade and cut open the woman’s eye. Even by today’s standards, it looks real. That one scene is too much for me to watch as I have a phobia of eyes being messed with. This twisted artist never shied away from the uneasy imagery. This movie proves that as a fact.

#4 Human Centipede

I ask why, why would anyone make such a disturbing and vile movie. The top three at least tried to be an actual watchable movie instead of a gross-out flick. It’s about a mad scientist that sews his victims together from mouth to rectum.

Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to see this movie unless you gravitate towards movies centered around a disgusting concept.

#3 IN Most Disturbing Movies – Clockwork Orange

I can’t even think of the song, “singin’ in the rain.” Without also thinking about one of the most disturbing scenes put on the big screen. I can’t watch the scene anymore, and it’s too real and terrible. Rape scenes are never good, but this movie doesn’t shy away from the sheer evil. Some people can’t even listen to “singin’ in the rain” ever again because of this one scene. However, in the movie, you follow a despicable psychotic, so the dark imagery never ends.

Some consider this the most popular disturbing movie of all time, and I would have to agree.

#2 Eraserhead

This movie is a fever dream from hell. Nonstop disturbing shows that leave you feeling ill by the end of it. A hissing radiator, a mutated baby, horrifying imagery, and unnerving behavior. You know something is terribly wrong, yet the movie keeps going. What got me was the crying of the mutated baby as it lies neglected. It’s disconcerting and fills you with such dread. You’ll be asking questions and won’t be able to shake those images from your brain for a while.

#1 Enter The Void

It’s the single most traumatic experience I’ve ever had when watching a movie. This trippy and incredibly dark movie is all shot in a first-person view. It starts with flashing texts that really instill a feeling of something psychedelic and eerie. About a quarter of the way through, you see the main character’s view of his childhood. Watching his parents arguing while driving. They enter a tunnel, darkness; then a blinding light suddenly images with the sound of a truck’s horn blaring. The screen goes black. Then when the film returns, you see, in the eyes of this child, the bodies of their parents mangled.

The children’s realistic screaming sells the scene. It was too real. Later in the movie, a flashback happens that puts you right back at the scene. After that, I couldn’t continue watching as it was too much for me. Even though I was around 18 at the time.

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