Modern Kitchen: 10 Must-Have items

Modern Kitchen

Modern style has specific characteristics. For each room, there are certain items that are always present. If, for example, you are considering a modern kitchen, here are the 10 things that cannot be missing!

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Decorating a modern kitchen means carefully choosing the right furniture, the best materials, and also understanding which colors are most suitable.

However, to make it truly perfect, you need to pay attention to other details that can make a real difference. For example, there are 10 things that cannot be missing. These are mainly certain pieces of furniture and specific appliances. Let’s discover them.

Visible appliances

A few years ago, the countertops in the kitchen were mainly decorated with a few ornaments. Today, however, the preference is to keep only useful items.

This does not mean leaving the countertops empty. On the contrary, they are filled with the latest generation of appliances. In a modern kitchen, you will often find ovens or various robots that simplify the cooking process.

Column oven

As mentioned, in a modern style, appliances must always be on display. Generally, they have gained significant importance in modern decor.

That’s why the oven in a modern kitchen is often built into a column. This solution integrates the oven within a piece of furniture, matching the rest of the décor.

Smart fridge

When furnishing a modern home, the aim is often to make it intelligent. This means choosing certain appliances that operate automatically, connecting to the home’s Wi-Fi network.

Among these, a smart fridge is essential in a modern kitchen. These fridges can have various features, such as reminding you when food items are about to expire to avoid waste. Generally, these fridges are very spacious and of considerable size.

Induction cooktop

In modern kitchens, cooktops are now strictly induction. Compared to gas stoves, they have numerous advantages. Firstly, they are safer as you don’t have to worry about dangerous gas leaks.

They also allow for different types of cooking and do not damage the cookware. Finally, there is the aesthetic aspect to consider. The induction cooktop is cutting-edge, elegant, and practical, making it perfect for a modern kitchen.

Clean-Line Furniture

Modern style prefers very clean lines. Therefore, the kitchen furniture has a very simple design but always impactful. These pieces are practical and ideal even for smaller spaces.

Wall cabinets are always included. These, of course, match the rest of the furniture and are designed to be as convenient as possible. For example, the doors often slide or open with a push system to avoid handles.


The modern kitchen must be practical above all. Considering the number of utensils needed, having many compartments to store them is convenient.

To maintain the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal, it’s best to have push-to-open drawers. Without handles, they are less noticeable.

Island or Peninsula

Most modern kitchens feature an island or a peninsula, depending on the room’s dimensions. There are many solutions for incorporating these features even in smaller spaces.

The reason why islands and peninsulas are popular is that a large work surface is essential in a modern kitchen.

High stools

If you have an island or a peninsula, high stools are a must in the kitchen, allowing you to sit and make the most of these surfaces.

Be mindful of the type of stools you choose. Remember, even a stool can become a design element in your modern kitchen.

Extendable table

In a modern kitchen, the table is usually not very bulky. Therefore, models with a very simple design are preferred.

However, the table must be able to accommodate enough people when needed, so it’s better to opt for an extendable table. These models are always very practical.


Lighting in the kitchen is fundamental, and it needs to be optimally arranged. For example, always ensure the cooktop is well lit.

Final Thoughts About A Modern Kitchen

When decorating in a modern style, even kitchen lighting should focus on design solutions. You can install spotlights, LED bars, or choose more unique chandeliers.

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