Pharmacy Technician vs. Pharmacist: What Is The Difference?

pharmacy technician

Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians are professions that are crucial to the medical industry. In the existing healthcare industry, these two professions play a major role. Though they have similar names, the requirements and experience are completely different. Both professions require different training and different learning. In this article, we’ll explore the difference between pharmacy Technicians and pharmacists and the unique pieces of stuff in their careers.  

pharmacy technician

Understanding the Definition of a Pharmacy Technician:

A pharmacy technician is a healthcare professional who assists the pharmacist and provides the customer with the required medication. Basically, they work under the pharmacist technician and they check twice or thrice before providing the medicines to the patients accordingly. Also, provide customer service with the official task. Pharmacy Technician prepares for PTCB exams to achieve common certification.  

Understanding the Definition of a Pharmacist: 

Pharmacists are specialists or health care professionals who graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree and they have a practice of a minimum of six years and own a certification of PTCB. As a part of their preparation, they will utilize PTCB question and answers.  Pharmacists play a unique role in the medical industry and make sure safety. So pharmacists are known for their specialization in having complete control over the medications, and drugs and delivering them to the patient. Here they get the opportunity to work closely with the doctors and nurses. With the help of doctors, they provide recommended medication and injections to the patient. Comparatively, they will have the privilege to perform administer vaccinations, health checkups, and other general vaccination.          

Pharmacy Technician vs. Pharmacist: What Is the Difference?

CharacteristicsPharmacy Technician Pharmacist
About Education and Training Only a certificate in a diploma program on the job training is more than enough Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree. Training for a minimum period of 2 years after the degree completion.
CertificationCertificate from PTCB(optional)Must pass the licensing exam, including PTCB
Practice The practice provided assist pharmacists with the technical taskCan directly take care of the patient and medication expertise
Responsibilities Should fill a prescription, inventory management, and provide customer serviceCheck the prescribed medicines are correct, should counsel the patient, and track the patient. 
Decision-Making AuthorityWill be working under the supervision of the pharmacist and providing medication to the patient Pharmacists can decide the medicines and drugs that can be provided to the patient. They don’t need any assistance
Career AdvancementA lot of opportunities out there for higher studies and has permission to pursue it. Opportunities to do research and academia. 
PTCB PreparationFree PTCB practice tests, online courses, and study guidesPTCB practice quizzes, online courses, study resources
Pharmacy Technician TipsShould be accurate, customer serviceGain experience, continue learning, pursue certification
Professional DevelopmentContinuing education requirementsContinuing education, residency programs

Here we’ve seen the basic difference between the pharmacist and pharmacy technician. One more thing to add. While preparing for the PTCB exam, clever professionals will make use of PTCB practice tests, online courses, study guides, and practice quizzes to increase their knowledge and will crack the test easily. 

To succeed in this career, a combination of learning, and hands-on practice play a huge role. As people worship doctors, it’s crucial to be perfect and diligently work without making any medical errors. 

PTCB exams:

For pharmacists, It is crucial to clear the PTCB exam and earn a common certification. However, If pharmacy technicians clear this exam, It is added value for them as well. 

Few resources to prepare for PTCB,

  • PTCB Question and Answer Guides: In this guide, you can find a compilation of frequently asked questions and answers that helps you to figure out the question that has the same meaning and different format and content. 
  • PTCB Practice Tests: Here you can find free and paid practice tests available online. By doing so you can work on the area you lack. 
  • Pharmacy Technician Practice Tests: These tests cover various topics related to pharmacy practice, including medication calculations, drug classifications, pharmacy laws, and more.
  • Pharmacy Technician Tips: Try getting advice from experienced pharmacy technicians or educators who can provide study tips and strategies for success in the field.
  • PTCB Online Courses: Some online platforms offer free or paid courses specifically tailored to the PTCB exam, providing comprehensive study materials and practice quizzes to enhance your knowledge and boost your confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Pharmacy Technicians Become Pharmacists?

Yes, it is possible to pursue and become a pharmacist. They must complete the required degree and should clear the common test PTCB and own a license to work as a pharmacist. Try working with professionals and gain more knowledge, all this learning will be gained only through experience and not just by learning practical notes. 

Are there opportunities for career advancement in both roles?

Yes, you can find a lot of opportunities out there for career advancement in both roles. Pharmacy technicians can pursue advanced degrees and certifications. While pharmacists can explore various paths that include clinical pharmacy, research, academia, or pharmacy management.

How can I prepare for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam?

You can prepare for the PTCB exam, and try using the free practice tests, online courses, study guides, and practice quizzes. It is advisable to practice hands-on experience and continue learning from professionals and seniors to develop yourself. 

Pharmacy Technician vs. Pharmacist: Difference

If you have decided to start your journey in the field of pharmaceuticals, you can consider specializing in either pharmacy technicians or pharmacists as they are both very demanding and evolving professions to start your career in the pharmaceutical industry. While they are almost the same in contributing to the effective and safe use of medications, they also have major differences in educational requirements, responsibilities, and career paths. 

To become a pharmacy technician, you will be required to have a certificate or diploma program and work under a pharmacist whilst they supervise you. Your main responsibilities include assisting with giving prescriptions, managing the inventory, and customer service. And some of these additional certifications like PTCB certification can help you stand out and enhance your credentials. 

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