Top-rated Plagiarism Checker Tools for Content Creators

Plagiarism Checker Tools: Ensuring Unique Content for Content Creators

When we discuss free tools to check for plagiarism, they have to be useful. It needs to become a tool that you can trust whenever you need to check the quality of your piece quickly. There are so many paper plagiarism checker websites on the Internet, but most do not provide efficient results. That is why we started to research each of these plagiarism checkers.
Advancements in AI technology have penetrated various sectors, including content creation. AI-powered systems such as GPT-3 and OpenAI can generate human-like text by predicting the following words in a sentence – producing anything from essays to poems to full-length articles.

We wanted to learn about their capabilities and what they really offer so that content creators will know what to expect if they choose to use them. As such, we collected a lot of reliable information for you so, from now on, you always have trustworthy plagiarism checkers at hand. Keep reading to learn more.

Help With Research Papers: Are Plagiarism Tools Needed?

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Since the growth of the content writing business, there have been countless sites, articles, and news that help you research a topic. And as great as that is, it poses a big problem as well — plagiarism. Considering that almost every topic has already been covered in one way or another, how do you know that your next piece is unique?

Plus, with the improvement of technology today, many people have turned to using AI to solve their writing needs. Whether it’s students who need a quick essay on a particular subject or someone just entering the content writing business, all of these tools create one thing that both teachers and clients don’t like — plagiarized content.  

But, working with checkers is not as easy as it seems. Some students spend hours fixing their pieces so they are plagiarism-free. However, most young adults usually lack time for such activities because of having many assignments at once. Luckily, some platforms, like Papersowl, offer people the option of hiring a writer to pay for a paper to be written for them. This research papers writing service helps you nail your next school assignment, save your time or even establish your own content creation business without putting much effort into it. 

Fortunately, there are tools that help you solve this issue, too. Plagiarism tools go hand in hand with content creation. Schools use it to check whether the essay is well researched and then uniquely structured, while clients utilize it to make sure their articles are worth the read. But how to make it properly so it really works? That’s what this article is about.

Content Creators’ Business: The Importance of Unique Content Creation

It can’t be denied that today, the importance of content creation has increased. Any website that seeks to grow and be relevant in the market must consider the need for content creators. But not just any. It’s of imperative meaning to use content creators that are ready to create something unique and outstanding. 

Why is that? As we mentioned today, there are countless articles that are similar to one another. You just type in your search engine “best places to visit this summer,” and you’ll be bombarded with thousands of blog posts and articles (sometimes even news pages) covering the topic.  

So if you were to write a piece on the same subject, what makes it stand out from the rest? What makes people go to your article first, before the others? The answer is uniqueness.

Since there are plenty of similar pages, creating something that differs from the rest will boost your views. People would rather not read the same thing they just saw a few minutes ago all over again. Hence, creating a unique and “rare” piece is crucial today.

Content Creation & AI: Can & Should They Work Together?

Recently, we have heard that due to artificial intelligence, content creators no longer do their job efficiently. They use the help of an AI to write articles and essays based on a false premise. This also creates plagiarized content. 

As content creators, it is necessary and indispensable to seek to create unique, engaging, entertaining, and informative content always. Some artificial intelligence programs scan for plagiarism and strive to obtain the best possible results. You can, for instance, create a text that is not copy-pasted, but it highly depends on how good the AI is.

To ensure that students or others that create written content don’t end up with empty AI-made pieces, it’s best to know how to detect AI-generated content. Employers use these tools when reviewing their employees’ work, and employees themselves use them to make sure that their text is not AI written. 

This way, it is possible to integrate AI tools in a helpful way. You can use them as an essay plagiarism checker, and they help to improve your writing. It will be done not by copying others but rather by seeking to address the lack of uniqueness in the article you have written.

Top Online Plagiarism Checkers to Have at Hand

In today’s world, due to the large flow of all kinds of articles or essays online, written either by a creator or an AI, you can easily fall into plagiarism without looking for it. Therefore, plagiarism sites and tools are something you always need to have at hand. 

Using a plagiarism checker online is a quick and accurate way to determine how original the writing is. These are great when unsure if the written information is unique and want to make sure before submitting the article. 

However, since there are so many types, you may wonder which one is the best one for your needs. To help you in your quest, here is a list of the best plagiarism check websites on the Internet.

Papersowl Plagiarism Checker


It is considered a top site where you check plagiarism online in the content creator’s business. The website known as Papersowl plagiarism checker positions itself as one of the leading choices when searching for tools that help you write and check any kind of plagiarism. The good thing about it is that both students and creators use it, as it offers various services. Papersowl is mainly a writing service that creates original writing content based on your request. In most cases, students are those that turn to using such a service, as it helps them with their assignments. 

In addition, Papersowl also has a plagiarism checker tool—free of charge, for anyone who wants to see if their content is unique. All you need to do is insert the topic and the text in the fields, and the tool starts working—in just a few minutes, you’ll see what things you need to fix and get a unique score.


  • It’s free
  • You can hire an academic writing service
  • It identifies the original sources
  • It has no minimum number of words to enter
  • It has a lot of good reviews from user experience
  • It has an excellent support team


  • It doesn’t have a mobile application yet


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If you’re looking for a site that is solely a plagiarism tool, then Quetext is your next stop. The website that checks for plagiarism has a simple UI that allows easy navigation and quick location of everything you need. In fact, Quetext is known for its great format that allows you to determine if you infringe any copyright rules in the text.

This tool does have a free version, but that one is limited to 2,500 words per day and these have to be made in installments of 500 words. The premium version works on credits, meaning that you check as many texts as you want as long as you add credits to your account. 

The Premium plan starts at $8.25 per month, while there is also an Enterprise plan. The latter is used by large organizations or companies that deal with content daily. That one starts at $7.50 per month.


  • It has a free version
  • It has many helpful writing tools like spell checker, grammar checker, etc.
  • It uses a search technology that allows research papers to be carried out efficiently


  • It has a limit on the number of words allowed in its free version
  • You need to add credits often 


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If you’ve already written your piece and now want to check it for any errors and plagiarism, then Scribbr is a good place to start. This service helps people check for plagiarism, cite sites used in their pieces, and proofread the whole content.

Although it’s mostly known for its academic proofreading service, Scribbr is a great option as a plagiarism checker for creators who are looking for a more specific way to verify other aspects of their articles and want to attack any possible plagiarism further. 

Regarding its pricing, Scribbr doesn’t have monthly or yearly plans—it charges depending on the size of the document you send in. For one small document (up to 7,500 words), you have to pay $19.95. For a regular document that goes up to 49,999 words, the price is $29.95. Anything above 50,000 words is considered a large document and is charged $39.95.


  • Doesn’t save reviewed documents
  • Offers a free version


  • You have to pay to receive better-quality results
  • It’s not possible to work directly with the tool


image 2

Grammarly is the best tool when it comes to checking your grammar. All content creators that are serious about what they’re doing use its services to make sure their pieces don’t have any grammatical errors. Alongside grammar, it helps with the naturalness and tone of the text and even gives suggestions that improve your sentences.

But with Grammarly, you don’t just check for plagiarism, like any other free online plagiarism checker — you can identify plagiarism as well. It helps detect possible copies of other articles while enhancing the clarity and understanding of your original texts.

However, to get the Grammarly plagiarism checker service, you need to subscribe to the tool. Aside from the free version, which only works on your grammar, you may purchase the Premium version for $12 or the Business one for $15.


  • Quick response (in less than an hour) from the support team
  • It is customized to your preferences
  • Easy to use


  • You have to pay for the plagiarism feature
  • Suggestions are not always correct

How Do You Determine Which Plagiarism Tool Is the Best?

When choosing an online plagiarism checker, there are several things you need to be on the lookout for. Here is a list of the most common features a plagiarism tool needs to offer that you use to find a service that suits your needs:

  • Free version – Any good online website that checks for plagiarism offers users a free version of its service. It is best if that feature is not limited (the one on Papersowl isn’t). But, if that is not an option, it’s best to find a free plagiarism tool with a high daily limit. 
  • Fast customer service response – Finding a good plagiarism tool doesn’t just mean finding a site that allows you to check plagiarism online. If you run into a problem, there needs to be a customer support agent that quickly resolves the issue for you so you continue using the service uninterrupted. 
  • Direct contact with the tool – Find a plagiarism tool that directly connects you with the service that doesn’t use people or AI as an intermediary. Take Scribbr, for instance. It is an excellent plagiarism tool, but that one doesn’t allow you to access the plagiarism tool directly. Instead, you have to contact a person, pay for the full service, and check whether your document or text is unique.
  • Price – One of the first things you have to check is how much the tool is. Free versions are great, but, in most cases, they either don’t work as well as the premium ones or have limitations. In these moments, you’d want to find a service that does not ask for too much to use its plagiarism tool. 
  • Free trial – Unlike the free version, a free trial allows you to get the whole experience of using the plagiarism tool. As we mentioned, in some tools, the free version is not as good as the premium one. Hence, using a free trial helps you to decide whether you have to pay for the overall service or opt for another plagiarism checker.

Should You Use Several Plagiarism Tools?

Taking any kind of free plagiarism checker into account is essential if you’re a content creator, but it is not enough. It’s advisable to consider various factors and see what benefits you get from using one tool or another—or both.

As we mentioned, some tools offer more than just a plagiarism-checking service. Some also have an essay writing service or ones that offer a complete check of your text—grammar, tone of voice, corrections, etc. 

To make an informed decision, it is thoroughly recommended to review each website and assess its functionality, speed, user offerings, and level of security it provides. It will save you time and money, leaving you carefree and without any worry about the quality of your paper. By utilizing the information obtained through the evaluation process, you choose the tool that best aligns with your work method. 

But why just stop at one? As you see, plagiarism tools differ in many aspects. If you want to really get a comprehensive piece that is perfect in every way, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t use more than one plagiarism tool.

Example: Using 2 Tools to Get the Perfect Piece

Let’s say you need to create an impeccable piece to give you a clearer picture of what we’re talking about above. 

To begin, you need to see if your grammar and spelling are correct. And for that, you may use Grammarly. Get the expansion or the app and use the free version to check if your text passes the error test. Use this tool to see if your tone is adequate, too.

There is one thing different with Quetext — you have to pay to get the grammar-checking feature. After you’ve written your text, you proceed to check for plagiarism. And here, you are able to use any of the tools we’ve reviewed. Likewise, there is the option to stick to Grammarly, but it’s recommended to use different tools so you get the A+ text.

Conclusion: Content Writing & Plagiarism Tools

All in all, plagiarism tools are significant for content writers. They help to make sure your piece is incomparable and boost your credibility. Today, there are countless platforms that offer plagiarism services—ones that are just tailored for the specific need and ones that give an all-inclusive experience.

If you’re strict about creating something that is one-of-a-kind, then there is no question. Take advantage of the industry’s best plagiarism checker and elevate the quality of your articles to the next level. With trustworthy plagiarism checkers at your disposal, you’ll never have to worry about unoriginal content again.

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