Review of Diablo II Resurrected – Early Play of Beta Version

Diablo 2 gets a complete remake. The overhead dark fantasy hack and slash looter finally gets a new and improved graphics remake, with smooth gameplay. But how does the beta play? Well, my review of Diablo II Resurrected Beta is very positive. Aside from an occasional technical issue it played pretty well and looked great. I’ll break it down by graphics/sound, gameplay, character build/level up, and technical issues.

Graphics and Sound

Marius – Courtesy Blizzard Entertainment

The biggest thing about Diablo II Resurrected is the graphics. They are gorgeous. Before the beginning of the game, you watch a cinematic cutscene that looks very realistic. It sets the tone for the rest of the game. It tells you that they weren’t messing around with this remake. They did it right. The way everything looks just feels right. They sit well with the source material. The same style, just greatly improved. The lighting is absolutely beautiful. The color scheme is fitting and emits a mystic glow. The shadows are sharp and are as realistic as a Diablo game can be. The fire effects are on point and definitely set the mood for a hellish dungeon. Even the rain looks great. The sound takes the old original, but it sounds very much improved. This is the main reason to get the game in my opinion. If you don’t care about graphics then there really isn’t much reason to get this. Unless you want to enjoy the improved gameplay. 


Dark Wanderer Skeltons – Courtesy Blizzard Entertainment

Now the gameplay takes on from the original mostly. I mainly played as just the barbarian. It’s slower-paced and more deliberate, at least at first. You must plan out each move you make. You can’t just go hacking away or you’ll end up swinging away at the air. Now I played on the Xbox One but the controller works pretty well. Instead of walking by 8 axis points using the N, S, E, W, keys, you get a full range of motion. However, if you want more of a nostalgic feel, try the game on the PC. Everything you can do is mapped to a button of your choice. You can completely change the controls if you want. Now one complaint I have is that I wish they brought back the red outline that appears around the target when it’s in range to attack. In this version, you must be close enough to do the damage. The range is still long at times but can be limited compared to the original. The different heroes you can pick changes the gameplay and helps add to the replayability.

Character Build / Level up

Jailer – Courtesy Blizzard Entertainment

Now once you kill enough enemies you level up. This gives you the choice to choose from stats and abilities. Each character has different abilities and use stats affect them differently. The stats you can raise are strength, dexterity, Vitality, and Energy. Not much has changed from the original in this regard. 

Technical Issues 

Dark Wanderer – Courtesy Blizzard Entertainment

Because this was an online-only Beta, lag issues were occasionally present. Mostly because I was using mediocre WiFi. The game also has some sound delays. Other than those two things I didn’t encounter many other problems. 

Conclusion & Review of Diablo II Resurrected

Rating: 4 out of 5.

All and all I’m very happy about this remake. It captures what makes the original great. But it also adds a modern look to it that helps with what makes the original look dated. I highly recommend anyone who loved the original Diablo II to consider getting this game. To anyone who’s never played Diablo you should give this one a try if you like dungeon crawlers and or fantasy RPGs. This version made my list of the most anticipated video games of 2021. Diablo II Resurrected comes out on September 23rd. 

*Featured Images and Video Clip from Blizzard Entertainment

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My 15 Most Anticipated Games of 2021 and Beyond

While 2020 was a horrible year for almost everything and everyone, many of us sought refuge in video games. During the pandemic, we have enjoyed some really old, and classic video games. The video game industry had a terrific year. We foresee a flurry of new developments throughout the following year, with high hopes for the rest of 2021. Here are the topmost anticipated games of 2021 we are keeping an eye on.

 Elder Scrolls 6

I have been waiting ever since 2011 for the new elder scrolls game. It has to break barriers and be different but also do all the things that make elder scrolls great. Elder Scrolls has always been very dear to my heart. Originally starting with Oblivion and then ending with Skyrim, and again with Skyrim. Hopefully, they can make this area as diverse and as beautiful as the original elder scrolls games. I’m excited to hopefully see some gameplay footage this coming Christmas most likely. Maybe another November release in 2022. Well, it might be far out but I can wait if it’s going to be worth it.

Diablo 4

This game is the reason to have a good pc. The long-awaited sequel in the Diablo series. This top-down perspective dungeon crawler varies based on your character and what you have. The graphics look amazing, and the gameplay flows very well and rewards you for making combos. even if it is prerelease gameplay it looks great. I can’t wait to be able to play this game.

Mass Effect 

Mass effect is personally my favorite sci-fi third-person shooter. Mostly because of the characters and story. After seeing the reveal trailer I was ecstatic. Commander Shepard is back?! The return to the old characters and universe has me excited. Also thinking about what the possibilities are. I am very much on the radar for this upcoming game.

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield has always been about multiplayer with massive maps. This time it’s in the future, and weather can play a part randomly. The trailer shows how epic it can be. Getting out of your jet and shooting down someone else’s, and being able to get back in yours is just something that can be done in the game. I am very excited to see more of this game.

Halo Infinite 

Halo was a cultural phenomenon when I was a kid. I was intrigued with the violence, yes, but also the Sci-Fi aspects. The interesting story of master chef. This game has a lot of potential. Time will tell if this timeless series has what it takes to last forever.

Dead Space

This game is going to be scary, really scary. I remember playing the original for the Xbox 360 on my small standard box TV down in the dark basement. Headset in. Almost too scary to play at times. Bringing that level of fear back into the modern age is definitely something that has been a long time coming. I can’t wait for this remake of the classic sci-fi survival horror to come out. 

Age of Empires 4

Age of Empires was the first game I ever played that I got really into. My dad and my brother would play LAN matches and taunt each other while battling it out. That same type of Age of Empires 2 age of kings style is coming back and looking better than ever. This game is going to break new grounds. Having next-gen graphics in a real-time strategy game should be a very cool look. Personally, I am looking forward to giant naval battles. 

Farcry 6

Ever since Farcry 3 came out I’ve been always paying attention to the sequels. I only got into 4, and only playing a bit of Primal. But hopefully, this new edition will pique my interest. If it brings back the assassin type of the first-person shooter that I remember then I’ll be very happy to return to the far cry series.

Diablo 2: Resurrected 

This remake of a classic definitely has me excited. Mostly because it’s kinda a mix of played a lot, yet never finished. I feel like I would have to beat this multiple times with different characters. One of the most anticipated remakes of all time for sure.


This game looks very unique and entertaining. Definitely a change up to sequels and remakes. This original concept hasn’t been done yet to my knowledge. It’s like groundhog day but a shooter. Has me interested in where they go with it hard to say if it will be truly 0n the list as one of the most anticipated games of 2021.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite series of all time. I’m intrigued by the choice of the character. I’m wondering what kind of game it would look like. Considering Gollum never really being much of a fighter. Especially against orcs. I’m assuming it’s going to be primarily story-based. Hopefully, it does live up to the Lord of the Rings name.

Crysis Trilogy Remastered

I remember seeing Crysis growing up. It was the pinnacle of gaming. Specifically for powerful PCs at the time. I can’t wait to see how beautiful and destructive this game is going to look.

Warioware: Get it Together 

Warioware has been a very weird but fun game series. It’s nice to see it finally coming to the switch. I don’t know if they are implementing the switch touchscreen or gyro controls for the joy cons. But I am assuming that they are going to try and be as innovative and crude as they can be. I’m looking forward to this as one of the most anticipated games of 2021 to this minigame-based switch game.

Fable 4

I have a very mixed relationship with the Fable series. I like what it tries to do, but then it doesn’t do certain things well. If they just stick with what makes Fable good then I have great hopes for the series.

Call of Duty (TBA)

I’m not sure what the next game is going to be but it’s got to be good. Call of Duty has been pushing the envelope for its series ever since the most recent Modern Warfare game. Where is the mode Warzone going and what are their plans are for the full game. Whatever it is will be epic and hopefully worth the price as one of the most anticipated games of 2021.

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Age of Empires IV at Xbox Games Showcase 2021

So it’s been a while since I have touched on Age of Empires IV. This series has always been very special to me. I remember it being one of my first video gaming experiences. Starting with the first Age of Empires. which made my list of being in the Top 15 Multiplayer Video Games of the Last Decade. With this new addition, it plans to deliver a game with beautiful graphics, smooth animations, and effects. Entertaining gameplay, and a new story campaign, and ways to play. Since my last article on the subject, a lot of gameplay and information has been released.   An official gameplay trailer came out about two months ago.

 But recently at the Xbox Games Showcase this year they released more information on their new real-time strategy game. There is a lot more than what I am showing. If you really want to dive into this game, including the Age of Empires IV release date look up their Age of Empires IV website.

And also subscribe to their AOE IV YouTube Channel.

Here is the most recent trailer out for Age of Empires 4. It mixes real life cinematics with actual gameplay. This is just going to be the first of many trailers. The game is still in development and still needs work before it is released. But based on what is shown, it’s a fairly complete working game. I am excited to see more of the game in the coming future. 

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Top 15 Multiplayer Video Games of the Last Decade

While single player games are all the rage, the popularity of multiplayer gaming is not to be overlooked. For this list the qualifiers are simple. It has to have a multiplayer matchmaking mode or cooperative play. It also has to be games I’ve played like my last list of top games of the last decade. Without further adieu, here’s the list! 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare / Warzone (2019)

If I’m only going to put one Call of Duty game on this list for best multiplayer game of the last decade It would be Modern Warfare. Especially when Warzone came out on it. It went back to what made Call of Duty so good since the first original Call of Duty Modern Warfare back in 2007. It’s gritty fps realism and over the top fast paced action are all there. It also includes more modes, maps, guns, and operators. Warzone, a new added battle royale mode, crushed fortnite as the superior battle royale when it first came to be. As a multiplayer game you can’t get much better.

Overwatch (2016)

This multiplayer only game is worth it. This FPS Class based team battle game is better than any of its kind. Yes, that means it’s better than Team Fortress 2. Choose from a huge list of heroes ranging from tank, damage dealer, and support. This addictive shooter keeps things interesting as the combination of heroes can really diversify the game. Each hero plays different so you will have to find a few that work for you. It’s one of the most original and unique gaming experiences i’ve ever had.

Halo The Master Chief collection (2014)

This collection brings all the previous halo games and combines them into one.In this sci fi fps, you are able to play different multiplayer modes on all the different halo games. Pick and choose what you want to play for matchmaking or do a custom map. Custom maps can be made by the in-game forge mode which adds a level of complexity that few other multiplayer games accomplish. I mean it’s Halo. It’s easily one of the most recognizable multiplayer games ever made. This collection is only reinstating the fact that Halo is timeless.   

 Minecraft (2011)

Yes you can play it solo, but with all the creative content on servers and realms it’s way better in a group. With the help of some players you can build anything at your heart’s content. From whole villages to the most grand and complex builds. This game might seem simple but after some how to make videos on youtube will easily show you that this game is anything but. A working computer was made in game. All through online. Exploring and building with friends has never been this good. 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (2018)

All your favorite nintendo characters and then some, battling it out. It’s a new era of Super Smash Bros. Beautiful graphics and smooth controls that vary from simple to very complex. Play with friends locally, online, or in physical competitions like esports. The amount of competitions for this game are huge. This is easily the best of the series.  

Grand Theft Auto Online (2013)

The amount of content in this multiplayer mode is ridiculous. The number of DLC is mind numbing. Everything from grand heists, to racing to sports mini games. There is just so much to do. It can be difficult at times but the communities can help you out. Roleplay, group up, or take on other online players by yourself.

Diablo 3 (2012)

Another co-op game that had to make the list. The amount of replayability is great. Play the standard campaign online, brawling, adventure or rift. Or even season play where you can unlock content for your character. This game is good solo, but playing with friends is far more enjoyable and gives you the ability to share experience, which means faster level ups. Diablo 3 is undoubtedly one of the best dungeon crawler smash and hack games to date.

Borderlands Handsome Collection (2015)

This rather attractive collection contains both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the presequel. Both uniquely stylized first person shooters. This also Includes all of the downloadable content for the two games. Co-op is how to play these games. Unlock better loot and faster experience points. Plus your fellow players can help support you with their many abilities.  

TitanFall 2 (2016)

Jet packs, and giant battle mechs, what’s not to love. This sequel to the online only Titainfall is how to make a fun online sci-fi first person shooter. Beautiful graphics, fast and sharp gameplay. It also includes bots in the multiplayer mode making you fight both player vs player and player vs bots. Tons of guns and abilities, not to mention all the different robotic mechs you can control. Fight for domination and kill all that stand in your way. 

PUBG: Player Unknown Battle Ground (2017) 

Just like Warzone or Fortnite, battle in this shooter for top dog. This battle royale mode has all the correct gameplay and a massive, and pretty map. Lots to loot and shoot. The amount of tactics needed to play this game keeps you on your toes. 

Mario Kart 8 (2014)

The best kart games ever made have got to be Mario Kart. This one takes the cake for most players, most carts and other vehicles. Battle and drive as fast as you can to become #1. Simple yet has the ability to be very competitive.

Rainbow Six: Siege (2015)

It’s terrorists vs. anti-terrorist forces. Save hostages, plant bombs, and kill or be killed in this tactical first person shooter. Everything is destructible which adds a different dynamic than most other shooters. Play as class based characters that give you different guns and abilities. This game is very tense and very entertaining. 

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online (2018)

It’s the cowboy version of Grand Theft Auto but feels like it’s very own type of game. Play on a huge map based on the campaign but with random players roaming around. Team up or gun down other players and see who can be most wanted as long as possible. Other modes are thrown in that keep things interesting and fresh. If you loved Red Dead Redemption 2 you’ll love its multiplayer mode.

Fortnite (2017)

I give credit to games when it is due and Fortnite is still one of the most popular multiplayer games of the last decade easily. It has multiple modes including the world renowned battle royale mode. Fight to be the last man standing, either alone, or in a group of 2, 3 or 4. The graphics are nice even if a bit simple and cartoonish but that doesn’t take away the solid gun play. Pull of trick shots and special moves for the street cred. Play special limited time modes that come around often. You can’t hate on it until you try it. It’s fun and has a very good replay value.  

Rocket League (2015)

This is a soccer game played by RC cars. As silly of a concept as it might seem, it’s very entertaining. Making trick goals and blocks are super fun and make you feel like one more game. It can be difficult, but the challenge keeps things from going tired. Play with strangers or in your friend group to make the most scores of the game. 

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Top 15 Single-Player Video Games of the Last Decade

This is my personal list of my favorite games that span from 2010 to 2020. The criteria are that it must be a story-driven game that has a focused campaign. Games like Minecraft don’t count. These games were also mainly for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as those are the consoles I had at the time. So enjoy my list of the top 15 best single-player games of the last decade.

#1 Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018)

This game is huge. Both size and reputation. This is an old-time western open-world shooter that you can play in multiple view modes. The story alone is something to experience. Characters as real as the dirt. Shooting and movement that feels as real as possible. Be prepared, though. This wester outlaw game has a few tear-jerking moments.

#2 Fallout New Vegas (2010)

Arguably the best Fallout game in the series. This sequel to a retro post-apocalyptic open-world RPG shooter that made a big impact, Fallout 3. The main story is fun enough. Put a whole world full of mystery in the mix, and you get a massive game. A game with a lot to do and say, you won’t just be sitting at the blackjack table. 

The area below contains affiliate links that, if a purchase is made, we may receive a commission. See our affiliate disclosure for details.

#3 Mass Effect 2 (2010)

My favorite of the trilogy is getting geared up for a suicide mission in this sci-fi third-person shooter. Meet new characters and gain new crew members as you prepare for the biggest fight of your life. Your actions have consequences, and they can cost you dearly. This is a science fiction nerds’ biggest fantasy, and if you haven’t played, you are truly missing out. 

#4 Bioshock Infinite (2012)

 A post-civil war Confederacy succeeds into the skies. This prequel brings a unique approach to the series. It plays very well for an fps and has a very immersive narrative. Play this mysterious game to find out about all its hidden secrets. Just know that this completely connects to the original Bioshock, so be patient.   

#5 Grand Theft Auto V (2011)

One of the most hyped games of all time, and it delivers! Some of the best satire in any video game to date. Laugh and cringe at this open-world crime shooter. This game has a hilarious story but can still throw in some somber moments. Don’t judge this game until you get to know it.

#6 Portal 2 (2011)

A sequel we never thought we needed. A puzzle fps with lots of wits. This adds a story at a level that is not found in Portal 1. It adds characters and a backstory that fully connects at the end. Trust me. This game will blow your mind.

#7 Far Cry 3 (2012)

Easily the best Far Cry game of all time. This game is an open-world fps. The characters, the plot, the style, the gameplay are all fantastic. This game brought us Vaas. A character that is still being used as an example of how to make a great villain. This compelling fps has a story that will bend reality.

#8 Tell Tale’s The Walking Dead: Season One (2012)

This game has so much heart it’s silly not to complete it. The characters, the choices. All so satisfying and really personalizes the story to you. Choices never felt more important. Warning, the ending is heartbreaking yet leaves a complete experience.  

#9 Dead Space 2 (2011)

This demented TPS (Third-person shooter) sci-fi horror is the scariest, most badass story of all time. Battle with real and imaginary demons as you strive for freedom from the horror.

#10 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)

This epic fantasy open-world RPG brings so much to play. Use magic, melee or ranged weapons, or even your fists! The main quest brings a lot of great characters and plot. But what really shines is the whole map, which is filled with story-driven quests. You don’t know what you’ll find just around the corner. Fantasy lovers, this game is a must. 

#11 Fallout 4 (2015)

War never changes. But Fallout does! Take the old Fallout 3 and give it better graphics, better gameplay, and more to do. This story has a lot of twists and is sure to tickle your fancy. Play the main quest to the end for an explosive finale.

#12 Batman: Arkham City (2011)

Batman done right. Fly around Arkham city and feel like batman. From the feeling of your fists clocking a bad guy to seeing his most rivaled villains. You can’t help but become the dark knight. With one of the best batman stories ever told you’ll need to play this one. 

#13 Halo Reach (2010)

One of the most emotionally charged of the Halo games, this fps lands on its feet after all that was teased about the game. Fun and unique shooting with a full cast of Spartans. The campaign leaves you satisfied but also a little sad. 

#14 Gears of War 3 (2011)

What I still consider the last Gears of War game, has to be on this list. It perfectly wrapped up the trilogy and left a satisfying conclusion to the infamous Delta squad. Play as Marcus in this ominous action sci-fi tps.

#15 Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag (2013)

It’s a pirate’s life for me, at least in the world of Assassins Creed. Meet famous pirates in this somewhat historically accurate tale based in the world of assassins. The navel fighting is the best part. I still haven’t come across a game that does better naval warfare than this game. Explore and fight in this third-person open-world action-adventure.

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Top 10 Most Popular Video Games of 2021

Trying to find and rank the most popular video game is like nailing Jello to the wall. Almost impossible. With the Covid-19 pandemic, people have been shut in and playing a lot of video games. The industry is looking to have one of their best years ever and some fine games have been released. We threw caution to the wind and drafted this list of the top 10 video games currently being played in 2021. These are in no particular order.

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War

Call of Duty has been undoubtedly the most popular gaming franchise for many years. However, it’s been more significant than ever. The game contains a campaign, multiplayer, and zombies. The setting goes back to original black ops characters and puts them at the cold war between America and Soviet Russia. Marketing, discounts, and other incentives made Call of Duty the top seller. One which continues selling after more updates become included in the game for free. That means new modes, maps, weapons, and characters for Multiplayer and whole new modes for Zombies. All without having to pay a fee like you would for DLC.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Yes, Call of Duty is that popular. This free-to-play mode started with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and became its own separate anomaly. Bringing multiple modes, including the incredibly popular “Battle Royale” and other modes like “plunder,” over 100 players looking to be the last man standing. Work alone or in groups of two, three, or four. Now that battle pass (a season-based subscription) is cross games, and you can now earn XP (experience) for Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Cold War and have it count for one account. Giving you more characters, blueprints, and aesthetics to choose from. Since this mode is free to play, anyone can play together to be the top players.   


Love it or hate it, Fortnite is a top-rated game that continues to grow every year. Being another free-to-play game that delivers quality gameplay, its popularity continues, and its content changes and grows. They gain free new content every season and try to pull from today’s pop culture, including Travis Scott. They release new content to purchase every once in a while, like Ripley and the Xenomorph from the Alien movies. Even if you don’t understand the appeal, know that this game isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  


Minecraft is still an extremely popular game, and with its many updates, it stays fresh and full of exciting new things to do and see. To mine and craft if you will. With multiplayer modes and servers called “Realms,” gamers flock to play and build with all that Minecraft offers. The long-awaited Caves and Cliffs update has been keeping players on their toes, waiting for the update to drop finally.  

Animal Crossing New Horizons

This casual island builder game gained a great following, especially given the time of its release. Many players had to stay indoors to buy this game to explore their own island. Your island starts inhabited by animal-human hybrids whom you befriend and interact with. This game appeals to the very young to those who are older too. Its cute and colorful style brings a whimsical touch to the game. Improve your island or venture off to other gamer’s islands. Trade and share designs. The possibilities are endless. With more people looking to escape into their own little world, it’s no wonder why this game is so popular these days.  

Among Us

This couple-year-old game blew up in popularity during 2020 and remained one of the most popular online games you can buy or get for free mobile. Play in a group of players; one or two may become the Intruders. The rest are crew members. The crew member’s job is to do all the objectives to continue their space flight. The job for the Intruders? Kill all the crew members. Simple as that. This game is popular because it’s a fun and funny game to play online. The false accusations, the betrayals. All are a part of this quirky party game. 

Last of Us: Part 2

This sony Playstation exclusive title won Game of the Year for 2020, and many can see why. With the amazing graphics, gameplay, characters, and plot, it’s no secret. Last of Us: Part 2 was a sequel that excelled in performance and took many awards due to that fact. Not much else to say except that you need to play this game if you have a PlayStation 4 or 5.

Madden NFL 21

You can’t argue that EA Sports isn’t doing something right after all these sales. Improving on NFL 20, this game brings the hype and hard-hitting action sports fans have been craving forever since contact sports was put on hiatus in 2020. The sports gamers are very abundant and loyal customers, buying up the newest titles every year to get the most modern sporting experiences. I’ve got to give it to EA, and this game looks beautiful and as close to the real thing most people will get these days.

Pokemon Sword/Shield

Pokemon has always been a big deal since its 90s birth to its most modern generation of pokemon. Play with a new set of pokemon on top of all previous generations of pokemon. Of course, you can catch your very own Pikachu but in a modern style of gameplay and graphics.  

Cyberpunk 2077

This controversial retro-SciFi open-world FPS (first-person shooter) made a lot of sales. Unfortunately, the performances of the game varied from player to player. Technical issues seem to be a bigger problem for Xbox One and PS4 players as it wasn’t even able to play. Refunds were issued to those with these issues, yet this game still became one of the most important games to come out this decade. Customize your character and play how you want in this interesting futuristic setting.  

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When Will We See Age of Empires IV Released?

When the game was initially announced, the game was still in its very early development stages, as it says pre-alpha footage. In developing video games, they have different levels of completion. Alpha means when the game is beginning to take shape and playable. Many changes still need to be made, but the game starts looking more like a game at this stage. Beta is when the game is basically done and is tested to get rid of any “bugs” or “glitches.” Many video game developers release their games on a trial basis during the beta, so they get free playtests and iron out the game before the official release. Unfortunately, they might have been too eager to release anything on the game as it is still ongoing.

AOE IV Testing and Continued Development

On the Age of Empires website, they talk about playtesting the game and further progress made on the game. Not much else is said, but rest assured that this game is still in development and is still being tinkered with as they get closer to a beta game. More information is on other games like the recently released Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition.

Other Age of Empires Games

With the game Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition coming October 15th, 2020, they still will be making updates for it and other games. They have also been making downloadable content for Age of Empires 1,2, & 3. They will continue making dlc for these games as they have been well received.

So When Is the AOE IV Release Date?

So far there hasn’t been any official release date for Age of Empires 4; however, speculation says they might be making for a late 2021 to 2022 release. With everything going on with the pandemic and other games that they are working on I have some speculations. My guess is an early to mid-2022 release, even though they would shoot for the December holiday season 2021.

More to come in 2021

This year I am sure to hear some more news on our favorite multi-era-themed RTS game franchise. As less attention is put on other games Age of Empire 4 will start to become a better priority and will become developed even more. Hopefully, we can see some actual Alpha gameplay footage this year, if not a full-blown beta that we can eventually get our hands on for PC. Although this game will eventually release for the Xbox One and Series X as well. 

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Gaming Industry Enjoys Tailwinds with Pandemic and New Technology

When gaming emerged in the late 1990s, the software was installed and played on PCs. The technology and demand for specific gaming form factors led to the development of consoles. Consoles offered developers more control in which to enhance the gaming experience. The advent of smartphones and the mobility that it provides has provided another platform to the gaming community. 

The global gaming market is currently valued at more than $150 billion and is anticipated to continue to grow. Also, studies found that the global Covid pandemic also contributed to its growth as gamers stayed home in lockdowns and remote worked. It resulted in people staying at home to enjoy more of their favorite hobby. Over the next five years, the gaming market will register a compound annual growth rate of over 11%. The market is expected to exceed  $258 billion in revenue within five years.

Recent gaming trends are continually evolving, and game developers need to embrace and adapt to survive and stay in the race. The gaming industry is changing very fast with new mobile, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and upcoming Mixed Reality and Neuroreality.

What is Neuroreality?

Neuroreality refers to have a perceived presence provided by technologies that interface directly with the human brain. In contrast, traditional virtual reality depends on a user physically reacting to external stimuli (for example, swinging a controller to wield a virtual sword on a screen). Neuroreality system will involve a complex interface to the gamer’s own body through a brain-computer interface (BCI).

Impact of Advanced High-Speed Networks and Cloud Computing

Further technology disruption is predicted with the roll-out of mobile 5G technology and cloud computing. In this case, console and PC hardware requirements could be effectively eliminated as the games can be streamed remotely from cloud servers. This advance further serves to reduce technology obsolesce and offers gamers a real-time interactive experience. It’s anticipated that hologram technology will require such high-end technology that is not limited by PC and console hardware limitations. 

Some of the key players in this industry are well-known names such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Apple, Google, Sega, Warner Bros, Ubisoft, and King Digital Entertainment, among others.

In a report by, it listed the following changes to the gaming industry:

  • Consumers will look to Mobile virtual reality (VR) gaming as an affordable option for those who want to investigate VR gaming without spending a large amount of money.
  • As the VR gaming area begins to offer different accessories, such as a head-mounted display, the market segment will expect to gain notable growth.  
  • Emerging technologies, such as 5G, are also driving the mobile-based VR gaming market.
  • The growth of smartphones is an indicator of ongoing potential for the VR gaming market.
  • The fastest-growing regions of the gaming community are the Latin and the Asia Pacific (APAC) regions.


The gaming industry is always ahead in innovation. New trends, technologies, and immersive technologies to offer virtual/augmented and neuro reality experiences will continue to evolve. Streaming gaming services at 5G internet speeds and utilizing cloud computing will give further growth opportunities to the smartphone industry. It remains an open question if console games continue to be developed or be sidelined due to the disruptive advances of 5G and cloud computing. The evolution of hologram / virtual technologies popularized by the gaming industry could also find useful applications in other spaces like tourism and learning.

Video Games Help To Make The Pandemic Bearable

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, the need for entertainment hasn’t gone away. On the contrary, the need for entertainment is higher than ever. People are trying to game with friends and family online. They are also those who want a means to escape reality. To leave their residence and dive into a fictitious world. At the same time, they are trying to stay home and stay safe. Why not play some games to pass the time and enjoy alone or with friends and family. Many people are unaware of how gaming has changed in the last year and how the pandemic has been a significant factor. This article is mostly a means of informing about the current state of gaming and the industry. 

Economics of the Gaming Industry

The video game industry is doing rather fine since the pandemic stuck in the United States. Video games have been seen as recession-proof, and that hasn’t changed. Across all consoles, including smartphones, video games are being played by the young and old and everyone in between. From hardcore gamers to the most casual players. From fast-paced first-person shooters to the most relaxed and most straightforward of games. 

There is a game out there for everyone, even if you’ve never played video games before. Not all games need a controller. You may only need to keep an open mind and willing to try something new. Video games are not just for kids anymore. If you are a more seasoned gamer, you’ll already know a bit of what has been going on recently with the gaming industry. As to where the gaming industry will end up is uncertain. Yet where it’s currently at is quite clear. 

Types of Gaming Consoles

Video Game Console

Consoles like PS4/5, Xbox One/X, and the Nintendo Switch are a few of the more modern video game consoles. Blockbuster games usually try to have a wide range. Fitting their games to as many video game systems, and even into PC and mobile, as they possibly can. The gaming industry is moving more towards cross-platform for online gaming. Meaning you don’t need the same console to play an online game with a friend. 

Games like “Fortnite” can launch a single match on one big map with a hundred gamers playing on whatever system they have the game on. They destroy all other players to be the last man standing. This mode is called Battle Royal and is a prevalent mode put in most big online shooters these days. “Fortnite” is one of many free games that you can play and play with others regardless of your gaming system. This includes all the gaming consoles, as mentioned earlier, with PC and mobile as well. 

One thing that’s changed in the gaming industry is that some of the biggest games out right now, like “Fortnite,” are free. Other gaming companies like Activision made games like “Call of Duty: Warzone,” a similar, more mature version of “Fortnite”s Battle Royal. They are followed by using free to play and cross-platform online matchmaking. However, many gamers speculate that cross-platform gaming is causing an issue. Mostly by the PC gamers.

PC gaming is objectively the best way to play most games as long as you have a good enough PC to handle modern games. With this switch to being online with cross-platform games, more players are opting for the PC for their leg on the competition. This allows players to play faster both with the internet and a better, more advanced computer system. It’s also sparking controversy as some games can be “hacked,” modded, or exploited in some way to cheat as a means to win. Games like “Fortnite” and “Call of Duty” have a pretty bad rep for having so many cheaters getting away with their unfair and broken abilities. With that being said, cross-platform online gaming is here to stay and will continue to upgrade and get better, hopefully, with less or no cheaters.   

The Impact of Mobile Gaming

Mobile Video Game

Mobile games have been a significant influence on the entire gaming industry for the last six years. Most popular mobile games are free. You’ll play with some restrictions that you can unlock by buying in-game currency using microtransactions. An in-game store where you can spend anywhere from 1$ to over $100 for an in-game item, modes, or coins can be used for other in-game aesthetics of things. The extreme popularity and money gain mobile game ended up getting led to implementing microtransactions to console gaming. With the Pandemic, buying online has been higher than ever. This includes purchasing whole games digitally and microtransactions for games that have them.

Family and Team Games

Family and Kids Enjoy Interactive Video Games

Zooming and party games have been a new development. Video chatting has been a big thing since the pandemic. It’s a means to see and talk to your close ones. It’s also a great way to play party games from Jackbox Games, “Among us”, and other online multiplayer games for pc. Games like “Quiplash” by Jackbox help get the whole family involved in playing (however, it’s rated for teens and up). Many family-friendly party games perfectly pair with video chatting. Games like the popular board game like “Pictionary” are out there. Even game shows like “Family Feud” have video game versions to play together. Find a game you can play with your whole family via Zoom or other video chatting applications. 

The Future of Video Gaming Post-Pandemic

As for the future of gaming who really knows but what I’ve been seeing for the future is more people being connected than ever, More immersive, more grand scheme games, 200+ online multiplayer match. running smoother and faster while giving the appearance of almost photorealism. Have it on a tv, or projector, and even virtual reality headset. VR will become more mainstream. Perhaps full-body virtual reality? Near Real-life looking sports games. Epic, massive, and detailed maps that are endless. The possibilities are endless. As technology gets better so does the ability to give a high level of immersive interactive entertainment.

The pandemic has changed a lot with the state of gaming and with the industry as a whole. There are more people playing games and playing together online more than ever before. Gaming has been changing and will continue to change with the times. Right now, because of the Pandemic, the need for entertainment is at a high. People are quarantined in their homes and need some escape. The gaming industry is doing exceptionally well. For the want for fun will always be there, even in the hardest of times. Entertainment will not die, and this medium of entertainment has proved time and time again that it’s recession-proof. Keep playing, gamers!