How to Choose the Best Glasses For A Round Face Shape

Best Glasses A Round Face Shape

You’ve likely heard the advice that round faces pair well with frames that play off of their soft curves. The right frames can add head-turning angularity to your look while complementing your full cheeks. The key is contrast: The best glasses for a round face shapes appear delicate and youthful, so balancing them with bolder features like angular lines is essential. Try these styles to accentuate your natural beauty:

Rectangular Frames

Regarding finding the best glasses for round face, two shapes reign supreme: rectangles and squares. Rectangles with bold edges and straight lines are like architectural wonders, adding definition and a touch of height to your soft features. They create a sense of balance and elongate your face, making you look like a fashion-forward architect. Squares, on the other hand, are masterminds of contrast. Their sharp corners and geometric angles frame your roundness, adding edgy appeal and highlighting your beautiful cheekbones. So, whether you crave sharp lines or bold contrasts, know this: rectangles and squares are your best friends in the world of glasses!

If you have big eyes, avoid too narrow frames, making your peepers seem small and out of proportion with the rest of your facial features. Instead, opt for a pair of sleek cat-eye frames, which have a flattering effect on fuller cheeks by raising your browline and highlighting the curve of your eyes.

Square Frames

Men and women with round faces can wear a variety of frames. However, finding a pair that complements your features and accentuates your personality is essential. The right frame style can help you look your best and feel confident.

For example, a large rectangular frame can structure a soft-featured round face. This frame type also draws attention to your eyes and eyebrows, creating a head-turning look highlighting your unique style.

A frame color that’s too light can wash out your features, making them look smaller and more circular. A darker frame color, such as a rich red or purple, can create contrast and define your facial shape.

Trendy Frames

Many people with round faces are mistaken for diamond or heart-shaped faces, and the right frames can flatter each face shape just as well. However, the best glasses for a round face shape should accent natural features and reflect personal style.

If you have a round face shape, try out some of our trending frames to add a new look to your style. Our popular rectangular frames add angles to soft curves; their width can make your face appear thinner.

Square frames are another classic frame shape that works for a round face shape, and their straight lines and geometric corners add definition to your face without overpowering the softer features. They also offer various options for colors and accents, and they’re easy to pair with a stylish Top Frame that instantly changes your look.

Frames with Angles

For women with round faces, angular frames offer head-turning style and contrast. Typically, a round face has wider cheeks and foreheads that narrow toward the jawline and chin, giving it a soft look with softer features. Choose a frame with a thicker, straight shape and sharp corners to add angularity to your look and draw attention to the top half of your face.

Like the round face, the heart-shaped face is most comprehensive at the forehead and gradually narrows through the cheekbones and jawline. To counteract the angularity of this face shape, choose curved frames for a more balanced appearance.

Ultimately, the best glasses make you feel confident and happy. Keep the guidelines in this guide in mind, but feel free to break the rules and pick a pair you genuinely love! Remember that you’ll wear these glasses for long, so they should fit comfortably. They shouldn’t rest on your eyebrows or cheeks or be too tight around the ears.

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