5 Best Disney Video Games To Play With Your Partner in 2023

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Disney video games are a terrific way to spend some quality leisure time. You should check out digital matchmaking if you’re also single and looking for a partner to share the experience with. Once you’ve registered with a hook up dating site, you’ll come across many kindred spirits. Algorithms will even point you toward other members who gravitate toward similar hobbies.

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This will make it easy to track down other Disney fans eager to connect in the virtual environment. Assuming you take these steps and get to the stage you’d like to arrange a hookup – playing Disney games – here are suggestions 

Toy Story 3

When this animated franchise was launched in the mid-90s, even the most optimistic Disney executives couldn’t have foreseen its success. The key to its charm was a gripping combination of superb computer graphics, endearing characters (starring Woody – Tom Hanks – and Buzz Lightyear – Tim Allen)  and a host of superb supporting players. This installment is based on the film featuring Jessie and the notorious Lotso, the not-so-cuddly bear running Sunnyside Daycare Center. As this center is a prison, your mission is to save the toys from their fate.

Epic Mickey

Starring Disney’s most instantly-recognizable and likable character, Mickey Mouse, this game emphasizes the mischievous but far more adventurous side of his nature. The object here is to fix a world to which Mickey has inadvertently caused damage. (After snooping around in an animator’s workshop, he experiments with a brush he finds to create a self-portrait, not realizing this creates a bit of a mess, to say the least, as his attempts to repair the spillage leads to more chaos!) Other characters are introduced, such as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a Mad Doctor, and Gremlins. The plot then twists and turns in intriguing ways.

Disney Infinity

This is a captivating Disney video game to indulge in, bringing to life many of your favorite animated characters, including Sulley (the loveable turquoise rogue from Monsters Inc.), Jack Sparrow (from the Pirates of the Caribbean series), Aladdin, Anakin Skywalker, and many more. You and your partner can play this in different modes, taking advantage of story-driven plotlines and accessing a wonderfully crafted open world. With Sully, you can scare opponents by roaring. Different playsets allow you to participate in campaigns unique to the characters, unlocking objects you can use to navigate the open world.

The Lion King

Based on the massively successful coming-of-age tale about Simba, the lion, you can control his quest to follow his destiny in both child and adult form. As a cub, he overcomes adversaries by jumping on them, and his roar can also be deployed as a weapon. You lose lives by coming across ‘instant death’ obstacles, while health can be restored by collecting different bugs. There are also spiders to be avoided, meaning the action can propel you to the edge of your seat.

Alice in Wonderland

Many of the actors from the film reprise their roles in this excellent Disney video game, including the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat – Stephen Fry – and the late Barbara Windsor as the Dormouse. Michael Sheen is the excitable, frenetic White Rabbit, forever rushing around consulting his watch. There are mysteries to be solved as you become immersed in Wonderland’s wonders, while certain characters (the Mad hatter and Cheshire Cat) have their mysteries to solve. The latter can make objects both vanish and then reappear, while you need to pay close attention o the various powers characters can employ to solve the more intricate puzzles.

Final Thoughts on Date Night With Disney Video Games

Our aim was to present a balanced, objective selection of what we believe are the best Disney video games. Whether you consider yourself a diehard, loyal Disney fan or like playing good video games, this list will likely satisfy your appetites. There’s no denying the impressive level of quality found in these titles, signifying the time and effort Disney puts into its products. But whatever your interest in Disney video games may be, we hope that you’re having fun exploring your interests!

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