3 Steps To Become Insanely Popular On YouTube

become popular on youtube

Every second global Internet user has thought about starting his own YouTube channel. Many makers prefer to post content on this hosting. This is logical because YouTube is the second most visited site in the World. The platform’s audience is over 2.527 billion individuals worldwide as of 2023, and the network offers many formats and ways of promotion. So, the question is how to become popular on YouTube.

Working to be Popular On YouTube

However, it’s much more difficult to become a popular YouTube influencer now than ten years ago. Therefore, those who managed to do this at the very beginning of the service are called lucky. The old-timers of video blogging did not have to put so much effort into success. Now it has become harder to gain more audience and promote the channel. But don’t worry. This does not mean you should not try to become one of the popular influencers. You will succeed if you know certain techniques and secrets for promoting the channel.

In this article, we will tell you how to design a channel, which videos are popular on YouTube, and why newcomers buy real YouTube subscribers.

Step One: Prepare and Publish A YouTube Channel

Producing youtube content
  1. Come up with a name. It should be memorable and associated with you as a person. Try to come up with a nickname that will distinguish you from other users.
  2. Set a bright, high-quality photo and make a good profile cap. Photos should be of high quality, and as a header, you can set the channel’s name against a background of a pleasant color.
  3. Downloads and popular should be added to the channel sections to improve page navigation and make it convenient.
  4. Add keywords by which potential viewers will be able to find your account. Try to choose narrowly focused words to reduce competition when searching for videos. The more accurately you describe the channel, the higher the probability that a person interested in the topic will come to your channel.
  5. Write a couple of sentences about yourself in the description. Tell us who you are, on what topic you shoot videos, and what categories there are on the channel.
  6. Post links to other social networks and an email address. This is necessary so advertisers can contact you and subscribers can watch you on other social networks.

If you have not yet decided on the topic you want to shoot a video on, remember what content is interesting to you. Go to your subscriptions and recommendations section and analyze which videos you watch most often. The best content you can do is the one that you yourself watch with great pleasure.

Step Two: Use Successful YouTube Content Types

Shooting youtube videos

Still haven’t decided which theme to choose for the video? Then, look at the ideas below. Similar content has been gaining popularity for several years now :

Interview. Is your speech well delivered? Do you know how to ask open-ended questions and listen carefully to your interlocutors? Then, rather, find the right person for the role of the interviewee and choose a relevant topic for discussion. Many people love this format, and they usually watch the video to the end if the interviewer asks interesting questions.

Interesting facts. The content must be clear and your speech does not contain a lot of slang and professional terms. The facts are very much in demand by the audience because it feels like they are getting smarter. In addition, such videos cover a large number of users because they do not have certain specifics. For example, every second person will be interested in learning interesting facts about music, aliens, airplanes, food, etc.

Life hacks/How to. You may have noticed that these videos have been at the peak of popularity for years. Users are very willing to watch the visual and interesting content to the end, which has a good effect on video statistics. By the way, viewers often share life hacks with friends and family, thanks to which you can gain a solid number of subscribers.

Analysis of the latest high-profile news. Do you want to always be in the trend? Then, shoot news clips. Create a loud headline, put a clickable photo or picture on the cover, and then succeed is guaranteed for you. As a result, you will get virality, many comments with discussions, and large coverage.

Journeys. Now it’s a super trend. After several years of isolation, people are eager to travel to different countries, so much content is always in demand. Tell us about interesting sights in the city or country you have recently visited, traditions and local cuisine. Many people choose a place to travel based on YouTube videos and author reviews, so you can be sure that trip videos will be relevant.

Investments and financial literacy. In recent years, the topic of bonds and information about how to make money online has been at the peak of popularity. If you are a finance expert, then we advise you to occupy this niche. Many people don’t understand how to handle savings and don’t want to understand complex terms and slang, so your goal is to talk about complex things in simple language. By the way, this topic is one of the most profitable for authors.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to shoot 2-3 videos on a topical topic and correctly design a channel in order to find your audience and become a popular blogger. You need to know how to promote content efficiently and quickly. Otherwise, your efforts will be in vain.

Many newcomers are trying to promote the channel on their own. But it often turns out that interesting and useful content goes unnoticed. The fact is that potential subscribers pay attention not only to the quality of the video but also to the number of subscribers, likes, and comments. The higher the activity on your page, the more loyal viewers are to your creativity. A large number of fans shows that people are interested in you, and then a potential follower turns on the “herd feeling” and he presses the “subscribe” button. Therefore, an increase in activity indicators is important for further attracting the audience. You can buy youtube subscribers and develop the channel organically.

Likes on Social Media
  • Publication of links in other social networks and on thematic forums.
  • Sending links to family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Mailing in messengers.
  • Motivating call. At the end of the video, be sure to remind viewers that they can subscribe to the channel, give a thumbs up, and write a comment. You can add a popup if you don’t want to ask directly.
  • Auto Posting. Set up a program with the help of which publications about the new video will appear on the pages of your social networks.
  • Collaborations with other authors. You can share traffic with colleagues on related topics to promote new material faster.

Video: How to Become Famous on YouTube!

Recognition on the largest media platform will bring you many advantages: additional income, your own brand, the realization of talents, and influence on a huge audience. To become popular on YouTube, experiment with content and promotion methods, and find your “chip” that subscribers will recognize and love. Communicate with people in the comments, and be active on the channels of colleagues so that you are perceived as a living person. Be unique, and don’t try to be like someone else. You will succeed!

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