Top 10 Most Challenging and Popular Video Games 2021

Popular Video Games 2021

Trying to find and rank the most popular video game is like nailing Jello to the wall. Almost impossible. With the Covid-19 pandemic, people have been shut in and playing a lot of video games. The industry is looking to have one of their best years ever and some fine games have been released. We threw caution to the wind and drafted this list of the top 10 video games currently being played in 2021. These are in no particular order.

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War

Call of Duty has been undoubtedly the most popular gaming franchise for many years. However, it’s been more significant than ever. The game contains a campaign, multiplayer, and zombies. The setting goes back to original black ops characters and puts them at the cold war between America and Soviet Russia. Marketing, discounts, and other incentives made Call of Duty the top seller. One which continues selling after more updates become included in the game for free. That means new modes, maps, weapons, and characters for Multiplayer and whole new modes for Zombies. All without having to pay a fee like you would for DLC.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Yes, Call of Duty is that popular. This free-to-play model started with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and became its own separate anomaly. Bringing multiple modes, including the incredibly popular “Battle Royale” and other modes like “plunder,” over 100 players looking to be the last man standing. Work alone or in groups of two, three, or four. Now that battle pass (a season-based subscription) is cross games, and you can now earn XP (experience) for Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Cold War and have it count for one account. Giving you more characters, blueprints, and aesthetics to choose from.

Since this mode is free to play, anyone can play together to be the top players.   This game is on our list of popular video games 2021.


Love it or hate it, Fortnite is a top-rated game that continues to grow every year. Being another free-to-play game that delivers quality gameplay, its popularity continues, and its content changes and grows. They gain free new content every season and try to pull from today’s pop culture, including Travis Scott. They release new content to purchase every once in a while, like Ripley and the Xenomorph from the Alien movies. Even if you don’t understand the appeal, know that this game isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  


Minecraft is still an extremely popular game, and with its many updates, it stays fresh and full of exciting new things to do and see. To mine and craft if you will. With multiplayer modes and servers called “Realms,” gamers flock to play and build with all that Minecraft offers. The long-awaited Caves and Cliffs update has been keeping players on their toes, waiting for the update to drop finally.  

Animal Crossing New Horizons

This casual island builder game gained a great following, especially given the time of its release. Many players had to stay indoors to buy this game to explore their own island. Your island starts inhabited by animal-human hybrids whom you befriend and interact with. This game appeals to the very young to those who are older too. Its cute and colorful style brings a whimsical touch to the game. Improve your island or venture off to other gamer’s islands. Trade and share designs.

The possibilities are endless. With more people looking to escape into their own little world, it’s no wonder why this game is so popular these days.  

Among Us

This couple-year-old game blew up in popularity during 2020 and remained one of the most popular online games you can buy or get for free mobile. Play in a group of players; one or two may become the Intruders. The rest are crew members. The crew member’s job is to do all the objectives to continue their space flight. The job for the Intruders? Kill all the crew members. Simple as that.

This game is popular because it’s a fun and funny game to play online. The false accusations, the betrayals. All are a part of this quirky party game. 

Last of Us: Part 2

This sony Playstation exclusive title won Game of the Year for 2020, and many can see why. With the amazing graphics, gameplay, characters, and plot, it’s no secret. Last of Us: Part 2 was a sequel that excelled in performance and took many awards due to that fact. Not much else to say except that you need to play this game if you have a PlayStation 4 or 5.

Madden NFL 21

You can’t argue that EA Sports isn’t doing something right after all these sales. Improving on NFL 20, this game brings the hype and hard-hitting action sports fans have been craving for ever since contact sports was put on hiatus in 2020. The sports gamers are very abundant and loyal customers, buying up the newest titles every year to get the most modern sporting experiences. I’ve got to give it to EA, and this game looks beautiful and as close to the real thing most people will get these days.

Pokemon Sword/Shield

Pokemon has always been a big deal since its 90s birth to its most modern generation of pokemon. Play with a new set of pokemon on top of all previous generations of pokemon. Of course, you can catch your very own Pikachu but in a modern style of gameplay and graphics.  

Cyberpunk 2077

This controversial retro-SciFi open-world FPS (first-person shooter) made a lot of sales. Unfortunately, the performances of the game varied from player to player. Technical issues seem to be a bigger problem for Xbox One and PS4 players as it wasn’t even able to play. Refunds were issued to those with these issues, yet this game still became one of the most important games to come out this decade. Customize your character and play how you want in this interesting futuristic setting.  

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