How To Skip-The-Lines, Save Money and See an Amazing Vatican Museum

Vatican City

Vatican City is a self-contained city-state within the city of Rome, Italy. It is the world’s smallest nation-state in terms of land and population, with a total area of 49 hectares and a population of approximately 825 people. The Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica are all important sites in Vatican City.

Vatican Musuem

Vatican Museum

In Vatican City, there is an outstanding museum called the Vatican Museum. It was founded by Pope Julius II in the early 16th century and housed the world’s most important masterpieces, including Renaissance art.

The work is simply unique and stunning. There is so much to see, including the iconic and exquisite ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which was painted by Michelangelo, a young sculptor who was just 33 years old at the time and had never painted a wall before.

The Vatican Museum is the world’s largest and third most visited museum. The museum houses around 70,000 items, 20,000 on display, 54 galleries, and 6,882,931 visitors in 2019.

Best Way to Purchase Vatican Museum Tickets

St. Peters

I propose that you go to the Vatican Museum’s official website and purchase your tickets there. Your tickets will, of course, contain the “skip the line” option and will cost only €17.00.

On your phone, you will have a printed or digital copy. When you get to the museum, you will enter through a secondary entrance, skipping the ticket line and proceeding straight to security. The security line moves quickly, and you’ll be in the museum in 15 minutes.

For €7, you can rent an audio guide at the information desk, but I recommend Rick Steves’ Italy Audio Tours.

You can download an app on your smartphone and listen to St. Peter’s Basilica Tour and Sistine Chapel Tour over Wi-Fi at home before visiting the Basilica and Vatican Museums. The tours are wonderful. It will not make use of your information. Simply bring a power bank to replenish your phone’s battery, as well as earbuds.

Visting St.Peter’s Dome of the Basilica

St. Peters

It is strongly advised that you visit the Dome of St Peter Basilica to appreciate the grandeur of Vatican City. The entry is inside the Basilica, and tickets must be purchased there. More information can be found by clicking here. Admission is free. The cost of seeing the dome is between 7 and 10 euros.

The Pietà

When visiting Vatican City or any other church in Italy, please be respectful and wear proper clothing. The knees, shoulders, and arms of both men and women must be covered. Shorts, short skirts, and blouses with exposed shoulders are not permitted.

How to buy skip the line tickets, Save money and See an amazing Vatican Museum.

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