6 Michigan Snowmobilers Go Through Lake Ice in February 2021

Snowmobile on Ice Michigan Conservation Officer

Despite freezing temperatures throughout the state, Michigan Department of Natural Resources conservation officers urge ice-goers to use extreme hen on or near the ice and know what to do if you or someone you’re with breaks through the ice. For those snowmobiling on lake ice, the risk is exceptionally great this year. There have not yet been enough cold days for those snowmobiling on lakes to risk taking their sleds out without being asured of ice conditions. For details on this story follow it on Thumbwind. DNR Reports 6 Michigan Snowmobilers Go Through Ice in Last 11 Days

Michigan Snowmobiling & Drowning Incidents In 2021

  • On January 24th, a 26-year-old Wixom resident went through the ice on his snowmobile on Wolverine Lake when it smashed through the ice and into an area of open water. The Oakland County Dive team produced the body submerged under the ice.
  • A 64-year-old from Garden Michigan sank in waters off Lake Michigan on Big Bay De Noc, offshore. The man’s body was drifting in the water near what appeared to be a pressure crack formed in the ice.
  • On Lake Fenton, four people were riding two snowmobiles on the lake when both went through the ice. One person fell into the ice, and two snowmobiles had to be recovered from the water. The person in the water was able to get out.
  • In early January, two people were saved on Lake St. Helen and another on Houghton Lake. The Houghton Lake rescue involved a father on his snowmobile who plunged through the ice while pulling his 12-year-old daughter on a sled.

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